100 days were worse for Bolsonaro than for Lula

By whatever indicators you measure, Jair Bolsonaro’s first hundred days as an ex were worse than Lula’s as president. Bolsonaro lost in popularity, in new followers, in exposure, aroused less interest. And when he woke up, it was to explain himself.

The distance between the rivals has grown more because of the former president than the current president. Bolsonaro shrank in the eyes of public opinion and allowed Lula to widen the narrow margin that separated them in the 2nd round of 2022.

Between January 1st and April 9th:

Bolsonaro lost 44 thousand followers on the networks (Lula gained 2.138 million)

Searches for Bolsonaro on Google dropped 80%** compared to the immediately previous 100 days.

Among the main searches, the following stand out: Bolsonaro’s jewelry, where is Bolsonaro?, corporate card expenses and “Can Bolsonaro be arrested?”.

Interest in news about Lula was 55% higher than news about news about Bolsonaro on Google.

Furthermore, at Ipec “Lulism” was practically twice the size of “Bolsonarism”: 21% to 39%.

To complete, the risk of Bolsonaro becoming ineligible is too great.

Therefore, barring a collapse of Lula in the economy, the chance that the next hundred days will continue to be worse for Bolsonaro than for his rival is very great.


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