100 UK companies choose four-day week, participatory budgets, Indian giant squirrel

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, 100 UK businesses commit to a four-day workweek, participatory budgets help UK residents shape community, and how preserving forests could save the Indian giant squirrel.

A hundred UK companies sign up for four-day week with no loss of pay

In a big step forward, thousands of employees will be switched permanently to a four-day workweek without wage cuts.

Source: The Guardian

Money to grow: radical policy helps UK communities green their own spaces

‘Participatory budgets’ such as one project in east London are revitalizing areas and improving accessibility.

Source: The Guardian

Expert sees ‘refurbishment wave’ as more cities recycle buildings

We look at the efforts that have been made in Asia, Europe, and the United States to find new uses for historic structures.

Source: Bloomberg

Researchers 3D print fully recyclable house

A group of scientists from the University of Maine in the US have made history by 3D printing a home made entirely of natural materials. When implemented on a larger scale, the project could be a game-changer in addressing homelessness.

Source: Euronews

How one woman is shaking up the world of private wealth

Stephanie Brobbey founded the Good Ancestor Movement, which helps people and groups redistribute wealth in radical ways and build a more equitable economic system in the process.

Source: Positive.News

Indigenous-run business cleans bay, generates jobs through ocean farming

Kelp farmers are at work to restore Shinnecock Bay in the US. The practice is considered a crucial lifeline for more than half of the town’s 800 residents, who are living in poverty.

Source: Nexus Media News

Detroit nonprofit opens new permanent housing for LGBTQ+ youth

The new Ruth Ellis Clairmount Center lives up to its mission of providing a safe space for vulnerable young people. There are a number of safety and privacy measures in place to keep the building’s occupants safe from outside harm.

Source: Bloomberg

French record label rescues work of forgotten female composers

Only 5% of the 15,000 pieces performed by orchestras in the 2020-2021 season were written by women, according to research. To address gender inequality, La Boîte à Pépites is getting their work out of the shadows.

Source: Positive.News

A Black teacher’s quest to learn and grow in nature

Describing himself a beacon of black light, Julius Crowe Hampton finds peace and fulfillment in being himself in the great outdoors. His story is one of the many that show how Black people are reclaiming their rightful space in nature.

Source: YES! Media

How preserving forests could save the Indian giant squirrel

The Indian giant squirrel is endemic to India. It plays an essential role in balancing the forest’s ecological systems by aiding in seed dispersal. It is also an indicator species, and its presence is indicative of a healthy forest.

Source: Mongabay India

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