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The luxury car is now a total loss / The accident driver fled at first, but came back

The accident happened a few days ago on Schloßstraße in the city center.

By Alexander Kappen

Stuttgart. Many readers cannot afford a Maserati. The luxury car is located in regions such as Ferrari, Porsche or Rolls Royce. Now a driver – probably under the influence of drugs – has totally destroyed his black Maserati. A 62-year-old driver was driving his Maserati on Schloßstraße in the direction of the Planie tunnel at around 10.40 a.m. when he slid off the road to the left at Kienestraße, drove over the track bed and then crashed into a catenary mast.

The 62-year-old got out shortly after the accident and ran away on foot. But returned shortly thereafter. Police officers suspected he was drugged and ordered a blood test. After the police measures, the 62-year-old was able to walk again.

However, he now has to answer for 100,000 euros in property damage in court, which he will most likely be able to pay out of his own pocket. In addition, he has probably spent almost the same amount with the broken Maserati again in the sand. He also lost his driver’s license now. Hit-and-run and drug driving the reasons…

The 32-year-old passenger suffered minor injuries. The Maserati was towed away and impounded. Schloßstraße was closed in the direction of Berliner Platz for the duration of the accident investigation, and there were traffic delays.

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