11 Reasons Disney Should Reconsider Its Marvel Strategy

In addition to interacting with the multiverse, the MCU has many characters interacting with each other – in barely remembered storylines that are still jury work at best, hollow fanservice at worst.

As the films entered Phase 5, Valentina Allegra de Fontaine was amassing heroes and villains for a Thunderbolts team, Spider-Man and Sam Wilson (the new Captain America) trying to figure out their evolving roles as heroes, and Thor, Hulk , and Hawkeye have young children or followers as a mentor. The Eternals seem to have complicated everything, but few acknowledge their exceedingly powerful existence. There are loads of new characters (Clea, Eros, White Vision, Hercules, Black Knight) that make you wonder if fans will even care if and when they ever get more than one scene then there is all the people featured in various Disney+ shows that have yet to penetrate the consciousness of your average moviegoer: Scarlet Scarab, The Power Broker, Echo, Kamran.

In fact, there is so much going on in the MCU that lingering details have caused plot holes and fan confusion.

It’s quite wild as no one has admitted that the heavenly Tiamut is only chilling in the ocean or that thousands of people saw Arishem in the sky when he came for the Eternals. Storylines centered around Shang-Chi searching for the origins of his rings, Doctor Strange working with Clea in the Dark Dimension, and whatever else Moon Knight is up to to make the MCU’s narrative cluttered – and far-fetched what all these heroes seem isolated and unaware of each other’s (often world-threatening) struggles.

Do you already have a headache? Just hold on because the field is about to get a lot busier with Blade, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, Deadpool and everyone else her Fringe figures just about to crowd into the room.

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