11 Times King Charles’ Body Language Said It All

Not unlike most siblings, King Charles III and Princess Anne haven’t always seen eye to eye. While Anne inherited her parents’ sense of level-headedness, Charles has always been more outwardly emotional, according to body language expert Judi James.

“Charles grew up sandwiched between two remarkable women. Both his mother and his sister are hard-working, strong and stoic, with no outward signs of emotions like anxiety or self-doubt. Charles on the other hand has always shown signals that suggest self-pity and inner anguish,” James told Express. “As Charles adopted a more academic approach to the life of a future King, Anne became a successful, no-nonsense sportswoman alongside her regular royal duties.”

However, by James’ estimation, the king and the princess have gotten closer with time. A perfect example of this strengthened bond was on display at the Braemar Highland Gathering in 2022, where the royals were pictured laughing together.

Post source: The List

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