16 people killed in Russian attacks in Kherson

A hardware store and a train station are said to have come under fire. A wagon of a train was apparently hit.

Destroyed hardware store in Kherson. 

Destroyed hardware store in Kherson. Dina Pletenchuk/AFP

In a Russian attack in the Kherson region and killed 16 people. This was announced by Ukrainian investigators on Wednesday afternoon. In the regional capital, a hardware store and the train station came under fire.

According to the railway, a carriage of the train to Lviv was also hit and a conductor was injured. At the time, the passengers were in a protective cellar. Five other towns in the area were shelled, Prokudin said. He had previously announced an almost three-day curfew in Kherson for the coming weekend.

Russia invaded Ukraine more than 14 months ago and occupied large parts of the Cherson region for several months. Last November, Russian troops retreated south-east across the Dnipro River. The Dnipro is currently the front line.

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