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From a ‘world changing’ malaria vaccine to using boxing lessons to fight anorexia, here’s our recap of the best and most exciting stories from April 2023.

New ‘world changer’ malaria vaccine approved in Ghana

Ghana is the first country to approve a new malaria vaccine that has been described as a ‘world-changer’ by the scientists who developed it.

Source: BBC

US smoking numbers at all-time low

Fewer and fewer American adults are consuming cigarettes, a new survey shows, with only one in nine of those polled reporting regular usage. This is roughly a 11% decrease since 2022.

Source: AP News

Black unemployment rate hits record low in US

After spiking during the pandemic, the Black unemployment rate sits at a record low of 5%, with Black people now making up 13% of the US workforce.

Source: The Washington Post

Europe’s longest cycle tunnel opens in Norway

The Fyllingsdalstunnelen aims to cut traffic levels and reduce emissions whilst making it easier for people to choose walking and cycling over driving.

Source: Euronews

Temperate rainforests to be restored in Wales and Isle of Man

Wildlife Trusts schemes are part of a wider program to help recover rare habitat across the British Isles.

Source: The Guardian

Record number of barrier removals helps restore rivers across Europe

More than 300 barriers were taken down last year, boosting the health of waterways and the wildlife they support, say experts.

Source: The Guardian

Youth climate action councils help enact environmental fixes

Across US cities, young people between the ages of 15 and 22 gather and organize to help fight climate change. Since 2019, they have planted thousands of trees, resurfacing bus kiosks and even influencing climate policy.

Source: The Philadelphia Citizen

Survivors of human trafficking are fighting back against modern slavery

The School for Justice helps women sold into sexual slavery become attorneys, social workers and journalists – saving others from the same fate.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Schools with better student care have less overall violence

Case studies have found that schools, where students feel more cared for by teachers and staff, have reductions in every category of violence, including fewer weapons brought to campuses.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

School bus drivers play a role in assisting homeless students

At the Kingdom East School District in Vermont in the US, bus drivers help bridge the gap between students who are experiencing homelessness and essential resources.

Source: The 74 million

Preventative measures found to be the best solution to beating homelessness

A Portland shelter found that helping at-risk individuals with small rent payments helped keep them away from homelessness, helping limit potential future rehousing costs.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Text-based mental health support for law students at risk

Early Alert lets students rate one particular aspect of their well-being each week via text, with support staff providing appropriate information and guidance.

Source: Reuters

First government-run mental health app and helpline created in Pakistan

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif launched the mobile app and toll-free helpline 1166 on World Health Day.

Source: Geo News

Chile communities defy Atacama desert expansion with fog nets

The nets are able to harvest approximately 500,000 liters of water annually, helping locals revive the mountain region’s vegetation and adapt to drought.

Source: Monga Bay

Turning washed-up seaweed into construction materials

Sargassum, an invasive seaweed, is being turned into bricks for construction by an enterprising Mexican businessman. The United Nations Development Program now sees it as a carbon-neutral solution for buildings.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

This school in Madrid was designed by pupils

With the help of Spanish architect Andrés Jaque, students’ visions of a special school has come to life.

Source: positive news

Toy libraries bring fun to families struggling with other expenses

For families struggling with cost of living expenses and other things, borrowing from toy libraries ensure fun for their kids.

Source: ABC News

Grannies help refugees learn English in Australia

In Adelaide, elderly women are helping refugees – many of whom are children from Afghanistan – learn English.

Source: ABC News

Fighting anorexia with boxing lessons

An English charity uses boxing lessons and interpersonal support networks to help young people deal with eating disorders, anxiety and other psychological issues.

Source: Postive News

Therapy dogs are helping children learn to read whilst reducing anxiety

The Story Dogs program helps children who are struggling to read by creating a calming, non-judgmental environment.

Source: ABC News

The African choirs helping battle loneliness among elderly

African church choirs are partnering with English care homes to help residents socialise. Activities involve singing, dancing and conversing in an attempt to combat loneliness.

Source: Postive News

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