25 years of ‘Sex and the City’ – 06/06/2023 – Mariliz Pereira Jorge

Perhaps one of the biggest injustices in the film industry is the treatment given to “Sex and the City”, which completes this Tuesday (6) 25 years of its debut. Critics minimize the pioneering spirit and sociocultural impact caused by the series. Its plot is commonly described as “four women desperate for men and their expensive shoes”. Pure misogyny.

“Sex and the City” should be next to “Breaking Bad” and “Sopranos”, for example, on the shelf of programs that changed paradigms. It should be judged not by personal preferences, but by how innovative its plot was in dealing with dozens of taboos with a great store bath, making some subjects palatable that most of us would prefer not to discuss publicly. There are issues of representation, as with almost everything done in the past, themes that the follow-up “And Just Like That” has tried to downplay.

The fashionista costumes and the glamorous lives of the protagonists served as a ladder to take to prime time TV themes such as prejudice against women in the labor market, female sexual freedom, anal sex, sexism, homosexuality of both genders, cancer, betrayal, abusive relationships. , prostitution.

If in the middle of 2023 the presenter Angélica was attacked for advertising a vibrator, imagine talking about the subject in the last century? Who doesn’t remember Charlotte (Krintin Davis), the straightest of the characters, addicted to the rabbit model, for years the best-selling and most famous in the world? Glory to God.

Despite portraying Carrie’s heartbreak in each episode, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, “Sex and the City” is about female independence and power, about friendship between women and about the affirmation that this is the most valuable relationship one can have. wait in life, with our friends. As life is almost always tougher than art, SJP and Kim Cattrall, the iconic Samantha, are no longer on speaking terms. Anyway, thanks girls.

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