26-year-old motorcyclist caught – victims wanted – Stuttgart Journal

Prohibited motor vehicle race: 26-year-old motorcyclist caught – victims wanted – Stuttgart Journal

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Since Monday, the traffic police inspectorate in Ludwigsburg has been investigating a 26-year-old motorcyclist who was driving at about 8:00 p.m. on the federal autobahn 81 in the direction of Stuttgart.

The young man accelerated very quickly on the merging strip at the Böblingen-Ost junction and quickly moved away from a patrol car that was driving on the BAB 81 in the same direction. At the Sindelfingen-Ost junction, the motorcyclist had switched to the left lane, where he had to brake due to a vehicle ahead. When the driver of the car switched to the right, the 26-year-old again accelerated so hard that the rear wheel began to slip. This process was repeated several times until the motorcycle driver wound his way between two cars at the level of the transfer in the direction of Munich.

There, the driver could finally be asked to stop by the patrol car crew and subjected to a check. He must now reckon with a display of prohibited motor vehicle racing. The Ludwigsburg Traffic Police Inspectorate is now looking for witnesses to the incident as well as any victims. Information is accepted on Tel. 0711 6869-0 or by email to [email protected]. (pol/gm)

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