2D printed oat milk, AI helps quadriplegic man move, Australia celebrates 500th Tasmanian Devil joey

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we learn about a more efficient way to package oat milk, groundbreaking AI-powered brain surgery, and sanctuary in Australia celebrates birth of 500th Tasmanian Devil.

German company introduces oat milk sheets

Sleek enough to slide through a mail slot, Mililk’s sheets drastically reduce packaging weight and material (a carton of plant-based milk can contain up to 97% of water).

Source: Vegconomist

New tech enables paralyzed man to move and feel again

Thanks to cutting-edge surgery that implanted AI-powered microchips in his brain, a man from New York who was paralysed from the neck down due to an accident has now regained movement and sense of touch in his arms.

Source: Euronews

German supermarket chain trials charging “true cost” of foods

In a week-long experiment, Penny raised the price of nine products including wiener sausage and cheese. The stunt stirred up an intense debate about the ecosocial effects of “cheap” food.

Source: The Guardian

Novel, powerful anti-cancer therapy created

Researchers at University College London and Stanford University have developed a potent anti-cancer therapy using “click chemistry”, where molecules click together like LEGO bricks. This type of chemistry makes it easy to adapt treatment to different cancers.

Source: UCL News

The US is getting its first solar-covered canal

Covering water canals with solar panels has the dual impact of protecting precious water from evaporation while generating renewable power. The idea was pioneered in India and is being implemented in draught-ridden California with improved designs.

Source: Euronews

Amazon deforestation falls over 60% compared with last July, says Brazilian minister

Change in the country’s leadership has had significant impact on reducing deforestation, which had reached record-breaking levels in the previous years due to deregulation.

Source: The Guardian

Surfers in Ireland want to restore native rainforest

The nonprofit Hometree, founded by a group of surfers, has started its project of buying land to “rewild” the rainy mountains in the Irish west coast with a variety of native trees and restore the ecosystem to what it looked like centuries ago.

Source: Hakai Magazine

French NGO gives swimming lessons to migrants

Migrants who survived dangerous boat crossings are often afraid of the sea. An NGO in the south of France is helping them heal from the traumatic experience by teaching them to swim and enjoy the water.

Source: Euronews

MIT engineers develop innovative energy storage system

Engineers at MIT have designed and built a supercapacitor with cement, carbon black, and water that could serve as inexpensive and scalable energy storage. This is important for renewable energy which is often impossible to produce at constant levels.

Source: MIT News

Australia: Conservationists celebrate 500th Tasmanian Devil joey

A wildlife sanctuary in Australia is celebrating the birth of the 500th joey of the endangered species in 10 years through its highly successful Tasmanian Devil breeding program.

Source: ABC News

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