3 activities you can do at home

You don’t have to be a regular gym goer to have the body you dream of.

Just comment on the universe of physical education, which automatically a sedentary person thinks that it is necessary to be in the gym or in a sports center to obtain expressive results. Here comes the news! That is, you can exercise inside your home and without any equipment to get the desired shape. See below the trio of physical exercises to define your body.

Physical Exercises - Shutterstock

Physical Exercises – Shutterstock

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Three physical exercises to do at home with a focus on definition


It is ideal for defining the buttocks and thighs. The squat is the exercise that can be done at home. If the movement performed only with body weight is too easy, it is still possible to “increase the load” and hold, for example, a bag of rice or a bottle of water.


Like the squat, the lunge is the exercise that helps strengthen the glutes. The person can use a chair and place it behind him to perform inside the home. It is then necessary to support the instep of one of the feet on the seat. At the same time, the other leg needs to be in front of the rest of the body. Just go down and up slowly, flex and extend your knee and hip to perform the exercise. Then switch legs and do it again.

Front elevation

It is an exercise focused on the shoulders and consists of lifting weights. But the equipment can be replaced by small bags of rice, beans or bottles of oil. It is necessary to stand up and lift objects up to shoulder height for the exercise to be done well. Upon reaching the top, the person must hold the position for a few seconds before lowering the arm and repeating the movement with another limb.

Source: Thais Ghendov, personal trainer for the Get Ninjas app.

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