4 fundamental techniques for hypertrophy

Trainer explains how to prioritize muscle efficiently and without overdoing it

To know how to gain chest is the desire of countless men who practice bodybuilding. As it is one of the most visible muscles of all, the region, when well defined and hypertrophied, usually draws aesthetic attention. But just like any other part of the body, strengthening the chest is important for maintaining muscular balance. So something essential for women too.

How to gain chest

How to gain chest

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In this way, the will and commitment to discover how to gain a breastplate are not usually lacking. And the problem is often exactly that. In the quest to hypertrophy the region as much as possible, some tend to exaggerate the volume and intensity of chest training. Exposing yourself to the risk of injury and failing to work other body muscles properly.

That’s why, with the help of coach and sports advisor, Leandro Twin, we’ve separated four simple and efficient techniques for you to discover, once and for all, how to gain chest at the gym. Check out:

how to gain chest

1. Prioritize the chest, but don’t abandon the rest. According to Twin, a good alternative is to train the chest twice a week, while you train the rest only once.

2. Use pre-exhaust. “Many people miss the triceps or shoulders before the pectorals in a bench press and this makes it very difficult to grow in that region. One technique you can use is pre-exhaustion, that is, you don’t start your training with a straight bench press or with barbell, as 99% of people follow, and yes, a peck deck in the first exercise. That way, you tire the pectorals and, when you move on to the bench press, it will fatigue first. Which is ideal in this scenario”, he explains.

3. Other advanced techniques are also welcome. “Don’t stop there with advanced techniques, always try to add a drop-set, a rest ‘n’ pause or an FST-7”, recommends the coach. that he includes the best strategy in his training periodization.

4. Train all portions of the chest. “You don’t need to train upper, lower and medial in every workout, you can – since you’re dividing the training into more times a week – train on one day with a higher focus, another lower and another medial. But never stop working the three portions”, concludes Twin.

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