4 police officers injured after fierce resistance by 29-year-old – Stuttgart Journal

Emergency services from the Kornwestheim police station had to deal with an extremely aggressive 29-year-old man on Thursday in Lange Straße in Kornwestheim. A hotel owner alerted them at around 1:40 p.m. because he had problems with the 29-year-old who was a guest at his hotel. The man is said to have consumed alcohol and smoked illegally in a friend’s rented room.

When the owner spoke to him about this, the 29-year-old reacted heatedly, so that the hotelier felt threatened. The police officers met the 29-year-old on the street in front of the hotel. During the first contact, the man provoked the hotel owner, who was also on site, and seemed to want to conceal his personal details from the emergency services. In the course of the measures on site, his aggressiveness and unpredictability increased, so that he suddenly approached an officer in a threatening manner.

As he was being held, the 29-year-old jumped off a vehicle behind him and kicked a police officer in the chest with full force.

He was then brought to the ground by the emergency services, while he continued to vehemently defended himself, kicking and hitting and spitting. After the hand clasps and a sneeze guard could be put on, he was taken to the Kornwestheim police station. His aggressive behavior did not change during the drive to the police station and at the station, so that he had to be brought down a second time. Presumably the man was under the influence of alcohol and narcotics.

In addition, according to the acquaintance, he is said to have been in an exceptional psychological situation. As a result, am was subsequently taken to a psychiatric facility. Two police officers and two female police officers each suffered minor injuries. The 29-year-old must expect to be charged with resisting law enforcement officers, assault and threats, among other things.

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