4 Shows Like Deadliest Catch & Life Below Zero You Should Try Watching Next

When one thinks about the Alaskan wilderness, icy terrains, massive grizzly bears, flowing rivers, and feisty wolves are a few of the more prevalent images that likely come to mind. Whatever it is that comes to yours, it’s safe enough to assume big rigs and the briny truckers who drive them are not at the top of the list. It’s also pretty safe to assume that might change once you’ve watched a single episode of “Ice Road Truckers.”

The Alaskan-set drama made its History debut in 2007, doing so with a credit sequence fronting Aerosmith’s hard-rock hit “Livin’ on the Edge.” That song proves more than suits the tone of the series, which finds truckers doing just that as they navigate the famed Dalton Highway ice road in trucks that often weigh in at more than a ton. Though it eventually lost that pitch-perfect theme song, “Ice Road Truckers” would go on to deliver edge-of-your-seat thrills all the way through to its 2017 cancellation.

It continues to do so in syndication, and via History reruns, as well. But if you can’t seem to catch the series in reruns, you should know it’s also now streaming on Disney+ among other platforms.

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