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Just in time for Easter – The egg statistics in the Ländle

In 2022, a total of 280.9 million (million) eggs were produced in Baden-Württemberg in free-range and organic farming. As reported by the State Statistical Office, their share of total production was higher than ever at 41%.

Since 2015, production has more than doubled in both types of husbandry, which allow the animals to be outdoors every day.

Free range: Soon 50%

However, production in barn stalls is still the predominant form of husbandry with a share of 59%. However, their production share has steadily decreased in recent years, in 2015 it was almost three quarters.

The statistically recorded egg production in Baden-Württemberg in 2022 took place in 244 large farms with laying hens.

A laying hen will lay an average of 281 eggs in 2022

The stock amounted to an average of 2.46 million laying hens, which resulted in an utilization of the housing capacity of 83%. A laying hen laid an average of 281 eggs in 2022, which corresponds to a daily laying performance of almost 0.8 eggs per hen.

Every year Almost 700 million eggs in the Ländle every year

At 691.8 million eggs, the total production was slightly below the previous year, but represents the second largest recorded annual quantity.

In order to meet the seasonally increased demand for Easter eggs, production in the country peaks before Easter.

In 2022, Easter Sunday was April 17th, so production was ramped up in March with 65.2 million eggs.

That was over an eighth (13%) more than the average monthly production. In the run-up to Easter, the stalls of the farms have a high occupancy rate and the laying hens housed have a high laying activity.

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