5 best films with Áron Piper, Ander de Elite

In addition to having emerged as the sweet Ander in Elite, Arón Piper also brings other relevant works to his resume. Discover the actor’s 5 best films

Born in Berlin in 1997, Arón Piper moved to Spain with his parents when he was just five years old. Later, he would become a world-renowned actor when he gave life to Ander, a sweet and sincere character in the Spanish series. Eliteone of Netflix’s biggest hits.

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Such a character made Piper gain more visibility within the audiovisual and, consequently, more and more prominence. No wonder, in 2022 and 2023 he starred in three films in a row. But, in addition to feature films, the actor — who started acting at the age of six — also has other titles under his belt, including the series The Disorder That Remained, I have the right to dream It is Silence (also from Netflix).

It was with this in mind that the canaltech decided to look into his filmography and make a list of the five best Arón Piper films. It has works for all tastes, from suspense to children’s comedy. Some productions, unfortunately, are not available in streaming, but can be found on the internet.

5. The Super Rodriguez


Released in 2019 and produced in Spain and Mexico, this comedy film tells the story of an ordinary family that discovers, overnight, that their grandfather — who has just died — was a man from another planet. From there, the grandson Nicolás, unveils a portal in the house that leads the residents to an unknown path, and this is how the lives of the peaceful Rodríguez people turn into real chaos.

Directed and produced by Paco Arango, the film features Rodrigo Simón, Edu Soto, Mariana Treviño and, of course, Arón Piper, who lives the character Jacobo.

Distributed by the European Dream Factory, the feature managed to raise € 1.4 million, and part of this amount was destined for the Fundación Aladina, which helps children with cancer.

Unfortunately, Los Rodríguez y el más alláas it is called in the original, is not available on any streaming in Brazil.

4. 15 Years and One Day


In 2013, Arón Piper won a prominent role in the audiovisual, this time in the teen drama 15 Years and One Day. In the plot, he is Jon, a boy who, upon entering adolescence, begins to become rebellious and hang out with undisciplined young people.

Seeing this situation, his mother sends him to spend time with his ex-military grandfather (Tito Valente) in the small village where he lives. It turns out that, arriving at the place, Jon discovers that his grandfather no longer has the authoritarian thinking of before and today even defends more liberal ideas. It is from this point that an unlikely friendship and complicity between the two is born.

Written and directed by Gracia Querejeta, the film stars Maribel Verdú, Susi Sánchez and Belén López. 15 Years and One Day it is also not available on streams, but can be found on the internet.

3. Fatum


Directed and scripted by Juan Galiñanes, Fatum tells the story of Sergio, a compulsive gambler who, after receiving a complaint, returns to bookmakers trying to recover the money he had lost. It turns out that the place is invaded by another player, who arrives armed, threatening everyone. When a shot hits Sergio, he realizes his life will change forever.

Starring Arón Piper and Luis Tosar (While you sleep), the cast also includes Álex García (Holy Family), and Elena Anaya (The skin I live).

Establishing itself as an exciting thriller, Fatum premiered in Spain on April 28, 2023, but has not yet reached Brazilian theaters.

2. Sayen


Another film with Arón Piper released in 2023 is Sayenby director Alexander Witt (Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse). The plot is set in the Araucanía forests, in southern Chile, and tells the story of the title protagonist, a young Mapuche indigenous girl who sets out in search of revenge.

She wants to find the mercenaries who murdered her grandmother and stole her land; for this, she will have to use her weichafe warrior skills to survive in the jungle and end the bandits who had an even more perverse conspiracy against her life.

With a simple script, this Chilean action drama mixes persecution with an ecological theme and stars Eduardo Paxeco, Rallen Montenegro and Loreto Aravena.

Who wants to watch Sayenfind it on Prime Video.

1. Code: Emperor


Proving that he is not new to suspense, Arón Piper starred in the 2022 feature Code: Emperor, which follows the life of an intelligence agent who is tasked with framing an honest politician. Without really knowing how to act, that agent has to decide how far he will go to accomplish this task.

Repeating the partnership with Luis Tosar, in this feature Arón Piper also acts with Alexandra Masangkay, Denis Gómez and Georgina Amorós.

Who wants to give a chance to Code: Emperoryou can now play on Netflix.

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