6 Daily Habits That Are Destroying Your Arms After 40

Many people think that everything changes once they turn 40. Sure there are some minor differences, but for me the biggest change is that people can’t get away with the same things they did when they were younger. Your body doesn’t recover quickly, you lose muscle mass if you don’t do something to maintain it, and the wear and tear of years of misuse eventually catches up. (When you hear people say, “I’ve been doing XYZ for years and nothing ever happened to me,” then things happen after the age of 40.) A common problem area is your arms. In fact, there are some everyday habits that are destroying your arms after 40 that you really need to be aware of.

There are a lot of things you do every day that can cause pain, lead to injury and keep your arms from looking their best. Given how important your arms are to daily life — from exercising to lifting objects to doing yard and house chores — as they age, they deserve all the care you can give them. In this article, we’re going to break down six of the worst daily habits that are destroying your arms and what you can do instead. Trust us – your arms will really thank you!

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Man typing on the laptop at the table, desk setup

Sitting at a desk all day is bad enough for your health. But when you spend that time in bad positions, you put tremendous stress on the delicate joints and ligaments in your elbows, wrists, and fingers. Pretty soon you’ll be coming into work looking like you had a cage fight last night.

Always pay attention to good ergonomics. Keep your keyboard, monitor, mouse, etc. in a good position and consider purchasing helpful ergonomic equipment.

Middle-aged woman texting

Be Honest: How Was Your Screen Time Last Week? A phone isn’t particularly heavy, but holding it in a bad position for hours and straining the tiny muscles in your wrists and fingers puts a lot of strain on your arms.

Avoid excessive phone use, or at least spread out screen time. Not only is it good for your arms, it’s good for your life too.

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Dumbbell shoulder press woman in gym

When you work out at the gym, poor technique can hurt your elbows, wrists, and more. For example, improper bench presses can shift stress from the large muscles in the chest to the smaller muscles in the shoulders, which can lead to pain.

But it’s not just in the gym: from golf to tennis, the wrong technique can put stress where it doesn’t belong. Always use good technique and get coaching when needed.

Woman uses arm exercise machine in gym

Some people train their arms with every workout, which is unnecessary and tiring. Your arms repair and grow like any other muscle group at rest. You’ll also train your arms with other exercises (like pull-ups or deadlifts) so you don’t have to constantly engage them with isolation movements (like curls and skull crushes). If you’re exercising properly, isolate your arms once or twice a week.

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Middle aged woman doing pilates mermaid side stretch

As you age, your muscles gradually lose flexibility. But if you’re stuck in one position for hours – like at work, in the car, on the phone, etc. – you’ll only get tighter and faster. It is therefore important to counteract this.

Not stretching is an absolute taboo. So stretch your wrists, biceps, and triceps throughout the day. Also, take small breaks to move your body. The best posture is one that moves.

fried chicken and french fries

Do you want to avoid sagging arms? First, look at the rest of your body. The last of those daily habits that will wreck your arms after 40 is eating too much junk food. Ultimately, there is no “stain reduction”. If you want to remove the fat around your arms, you need to remove the fat everywhere.

The best way to achieve this is through a healthy diet that is tailored to your calorie needs. Avoid overly fatty or processed foods full of artificial ingredients and watch your bingo wings (and waistline) shrink.

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