7 best movies with Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a true phenomenon. She is that typical artist who does everything and is present in any medium you can imagine. She’s a successful singer — including being one of the Super Bowl halftime stars — songwriter, producer, businesswoman and, of course, an actress.

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For this very reason, it is impossible not to classify it in any way other than a star. Especially because the all-powerful J.Lo collects hits wherever she goes, including in the movies. Just look at her filmography and see how she has a very varied list of great productions to show that she is much more than a pretty face.

On screen, she has already delivered from young ladies in romantic comedies to action heroines, even animations and dramas. Of course, there are some slips here and there in her career, but the balance is still very positive and only proves that the diva really has a Midas touch to generate new successes.

So the canaltech decided to list the 7 best movies with Jennifer Lopez.

7. Anaconda


Let’s agree that anaconda it’s far from being one of Hollywood’s great treasures or even a film that J.Lo should be proud to have on her resume. However, the film about the giant snake that devours people receives special affection from the Brazilian public because it is a story that takes place in our country. In a very caricatured way, it is true, but enough to mark our imagination.

Even so, it is a very entertaining film that features Jennifer Lopez in the lead role, playing a documentary filmmaker who goes deep into the heart of the Amazon rainforest to film an indigenous tribe and ends up being chased by the colossal serpent.

It’s the kind of killer animal story that always works well, despite all the banter involved.

anaconda is available on HBO Max and Universal+. In addition, it can also be purchased or rented from Google Play, Amazon and iTunes.

6. My Dream Wedding


The romantic comedy was a genre that J.Lo always did very well and My Dream Wedding is one of the classics she starred in. The film is now over 20 years old and is still one of the funniest of the artist’s career and one of the public’s favorites – not least because, every now and then, it is repeated on TV.

In the plot, Lopez plays a wedding planner who ends up falling in love with the groom who hired her. From that, she begins to realize what is missing in her life beyond work and decides to pursue her own happiness. Too bad she ends up ruining another bride’s day for that.

My Dream Wedding is available on Prime Video and Pluto TV.

5. AntZ


In a completely unexpected way, Jennifer Lopez also lived an ant in the classic animation AntZa film that came to rival Insect’s life, from Disney/Pixar, and which brought an absurd cast. In addition to our pop diva, the design still has Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, Gene Hackman, Danny Glover and Sylvester Stallone.

These are such big names that J.Lo ends up being overshadowed. She plays the Azteca ant, one of the many workers in the colony and friend of the hero Z, who helps him in the great revolution started by the protagonist.

It is a very entertaining film that brings a very serious theme to a production aimed at children, involving palace conspiracies, militarism, coups d’état and popular revolution.

AntZ is available on Telecine.

4. Lily & Eva: United for Vengeance


A film in which Jennifer Lopez teams up with Viola Davis to beat everyone up is certainly one of those productions that you need to see — and Lily & Eva: United for Vengeance and all that. The 2015 film casts the two as mothers who lost their children to urban violence and who end up meeting each other by chance. Dissatisfied with the slowness of the police, they decide to unite to take justice into their own hands.

It’s the typical action movie with a very simple proposal, but it always works well. The big difference is that we have these two big stars going into the fray and showing how versatile they can be.

Lily & Eva: United for Vengeance is available on Looke, PlutoTV, NetMovies and RunTime.

3. The Scammers


One of the most recent successes of Jennifer Lopez’s career, The Scammers puts the actress alongside other big names in Hollywood and the pop industry, such as Constance Wu and Cardi B, to play a group of strippers who decided to take revenge on their Wall Street clients.

Best of all, the feature is based on a true story and that makes everything even more interesting. Thus, J.Lo plays one of those strippers who earn a lot of money serving only rich people, but who sees business decline with the crisis. Thus, she decides to gather her colleagues to apply a big blow to these people.

The Scammers is available on Prime Video and HBO Max and for purchase and rental on iTunes and Google Play.

2. Irresistible Passion


Another film that mixes action, robbery and romance in Jennifer Lopez’s curriculum. In Irresistible Passionshe lives an FBI agent who becomes involved with a charming thief who has just escaped from jail – and who is lived by none other than George Clooney in his prime.

Thus, the entire dynamic of the feature is in this ambiguous tension. On the one hand, the criminal wants to take advantage of his escape to commit the perfect scam. On the other, she tries to find the perfect opportunity to capture the fugitive. In the midst of it all, however, a romance appears that can put everything to lose for both.

Irresistible Passion is available for purchase and rental on Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

1. Selena


One of the greatest successes of Jennifer Lopez’s career and one of the films responsible for opening her doors to Hollywood, Selena is one of those heartbreaking biographies. It focuses on the story of singer Selena Quintanilla and her tragic murder at the height of her career.

Lopez gives life to the artist, showing from her training as a singer to the success that earned her some Grammys. And it was her powerful interpretation that made the actress a world star and showed that she could be much more than just a pop singer.

Selena is available on Prime Video and HBO Max.

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