7 Songs You Didn’t Know Bob Dylan Wrote

Bob Dylan has been writing songs for decades. While he had some hits under his own name, other musicians made some Dylan songs more famous. He also wrote songs with other artists that he never released himself. Here are seven surprising songs Dylan wrote.

‘wagon wheel’

In 2004, Old Crow Medicine Show released “Wagon Wheel,” the lead single from their debut album. Since then, musician Darius Rucker released a popular cover of the song. While Ketch Secor, the lead singer of the Old Crow Medicine Show, wrote the lyrics to the song, he borrowed the chorus and melody from a 1973 Dylan demo entitled “Rock Me Mama”.

“Bob Dylan put a spell on you with every song he composed, especially in 1973 when he wrote that chorus,” Secor told Relix. “I’m convinced he put his pad away after he wrote that chorus and then discarded it because he wrote ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.'” I wrote [‘Wagon Wheel’] because at 17 I didn’t know what else to write about.”

‘If not for you’

In 1970 George Harrison released “If Not For You” on his first post-Beatles album All things must perish. Dylan wrote the song about his first wife Sara and released it on his 1971 album Sara. new morning.

Harrison and Dylan became close in the late 1960s when Harrison spent time with Dylan and the band at Woodstock. Dylan was a huge influence on the Beatles. As a result, Harrison also recorded the song “I’d Have You Anytime”. All things must perish.

“love save me”

In 1987, Bono and Dylan met and began working on a song together. While they originally titled it “Prisoner of Love,” they renamed the finished song “Love Rescue Me.” It appeared on the 1988 U2 album rattles and hums.

According to American Songwriter, Dylan initially sang lead vocals on the song. Ultimately he asked the band not to release his version as he was working with The Traveling Wilburys at the time. Bono sings the version on the album.

“Tomorrow is a long time”

In 1963, Dylan performed “Tomorrow Is a Long Time” at a New York concert. He officially released it on the album in 1971 Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Vol. IIbut not before Elvis Presley recorded a cover of the song in 1966. Dylan, who was a huge Elvis fan, felt this was the highest honor.

“Elvis Presley recorded a song of mine. That’s the recording I treasure the most,” Dylan told Rolling Stone in 1969. “It was called ‘Tomorrow Is A Long Time’.” I wrote it but never recorded it.”

“You’re Going Nowhere”

In 1967, Dylan wrote the song “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” but didn’t release it until later Greatest Hits Vol II. In 1968, The Byrds released their own version of the song.

The band covered Dylan several times – most famously with “Mr. Tambourine Man” – and Dylan was usually satisfied with the interpretation of his songs. He reportedly didn’t like that version too much, however, as Roger McGuinn inadvertently missed a line in the Byrds’ recording.

‘Make you feel My Love’

Many artists have covered Dylan’s early songs, but one of his most covered songs is 1997’s “Make You Feel My Love.” Since its release, over 450 artists have come out with their own interpretation of the song.

Artists such as Billy Joel, Michael Bolton and Garth Brooks have released covers, but the most famous version is the one released by Adele in 2008.

“I have heard this song and read the lyrics and they are the most beautiful lyrics I have ever read, heard or sung,” she said, according to Rolling Stone. “And they kind of encapsulated everything I try to write about my feelings in my songs. It’s such a beautiful song.”

“I will be released”

In the mid-1960s, Dylan began working with Canadian group The Band. They acted as his backing band for several years. In 1968, the band released a version of the Dylan song “I Shall Be Released” on their debut album. Music from the Big Pink.

In 1976, Dylan, along with many other musicians, took the stage with the band to perform “I Shall Be Released” at their farewell concert. The last waltz.

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