#8 Anti-Stress Meditation in the Office – 10 Minute Dream Journey to Relax

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#8 Anti-Stress Meditation in the Office – 10 Minute Dream Journey to Relax

Would you like to counteract the stress in the office in just 10 minutes? Then stay tuned for today’s podcast episode with your host Kirsten Schneider.

An anti-stress meditation is a wonderful way to relax and calm your mind. In today’s fast-moving world, in which we are often very challenged by appointments, tasks and obligations, it is all the more important to pause regularly and find some time for yourself.

Kirsten Schneider’s 10-minute Anti-Stress Meditation is perfect for relieving stress and calming the mind. During the meditation, Kirsten takes you to a beautiful place where you feel completely comfortable and relaxed. It helps you to distract your thoughts and control them positively. This releases endorphins and lowers norepinephrine, leading to relaxation and reduced stress.

It’s amazing how much difference a short meditation can make. After just 10 minutes you will feel calmer and more relaxed, and you can start the day stronger.

Just try it out and let Kirsten Schneider take you into the world of anti-stress meditation. You will be surprised how much positive effect it has on your well-being and health. Have fun meditating!

Until then, keep on relaxing,

Your Kirsten


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