91 electricity and 80 gas companies lower their prices

Electricity and gas will soon be cheaper again. Nevertheless, the price level remains high, and the price brakes introduced in January are taking effect.

Flames on a gas stove.

Flames on a gas stove.Frank Rumpenhorst/dpa

BerlinAccording to a media report, the falling prices on the energy exchanges are also affecting the electricity and gas customers of the local default suppliers. As the Süddeutsche Zeitung reports, citing the comparison portal Verivox, a total of 91 electricity and 80 gas companies reduced their tariffs in May, June and July. Electricity will be around 14 percent cheaper on average, and gas around 23 percent. The default supplier is the energy supplier that supplies most households with electricity and/or gas in a grid area.

The record prices of the energy crisis are over, but overall “the price level remains high,” according to the newspaper in the analysis. According to Verivox, almost 80 percent of all electricity and almost 90 percent of all gas tariffs in the basic supply are above the price brakes that have been in effect since January and are intended to relieve citizens of energy costs. This price cap is 40 cents per kilowatt hour for electricity and 12 cents for gas. If customers pay higher prices, the state covers the additional costs.

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