A24’s top 10 movies

Founded in 2012, the A24 studio has been standing out for its more creative productions, without taboos and highlighting new professionals. Check out 10 must-see movies!

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If you follow cinema, you must have already seen a film by the production company A24. The company has been standing out among traditional studios, allowing itself to be even more creative when exploring its stories, leaving behind many taboos.

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A24 has films for all tastes, from good independent drama to horror, introducing us to more writers, directors, producers and, of course, actors. It’s not hard to fall in love with a movie from the studio, which was founded only in 2012 by the trio Daniel Katz, David Fenkel and John Hodges.

But if you haven’t ventured into the A24 movies yet, you’re in the right place. O canaltech selected 10 films from the production company that you must watch.

10. Hereditary


the long horror Hereditary impressed everyone at the cinema, bringing a plot that is not only scary, but also disturbing, the kind that leave you shocked for a long time. A24’s horror production is directed by Ari Aster and is set in the lives of the strange Graham family.

The film Hereditary is available on Netflix and HBO Max.

9. Lady Bird – Time to Fly


The A24 film that stood out the most in 2017 was Lady Bird – Time to Fly, starring Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet. In the feature, the character Christine McPherson is in the last year of school and has to face her mother, who does not accept the idea that her daughter goes to college far from where they live, bringing a story full of confrontations, but also emotion.

Lady Bird – Time to Fly can be watched on Globoplay.

8. The Whale


In 2023, the Oscar recognized The whale as one of the best films of the previous year, standing out not only for its exciting story, but also for the performance of Brendan Fraser. The actor’s interpretation was recognized for his talent, but also for what his return to the cinema represents, since his last years in Hollywood were traumatic.

the feature The whalefrom A24, has not yet reached streaming, but can be rented with purchase on Apple TV and Prime Video.

7. The Lighthouse


In 2019, A24 stood out with the release of the film The headlight, starring Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe. Set on a remote island in the late 19th century, the all-black-and-white feature brings drama with a touch of horror, resulting in a formula as enjoyable as it is intriguing.

You can watch the movie The headlight by buying or renting Apple TV, Google Play and Prime Video.

6. Minari – In Search of Happiness


Minari – In Pursuit of Happiness, is a film by Lee Isaac Chung that follows a Korean-American family’s move to an Arkansas farm in order to have a better life. The drama drew attention at the time of its premiere in 2020 for showing that the “American dream” is not as easy as it seems and that family unity is important right now.

The film Minari – In Pursuit of Happiness is available to buy or rent on Apple TV, Google Play, and Prime Video.

5. Always Forward


In Always forward, Joaquin Phoenix is ​​Johnny, a radio journalist who begins to spend more time with his nephew at his sister’s request, and ends up developing a family relationship with the boy that did not exist before. The plot, directed by Mike Mills, introduces us to a truly transformative life change.

Always forward can be watched on Prime Video.

4. The Florida Project


Released in 2017, the independent drama The Florida Project did not draw much attention in Brazil, but was well recognized in its country of origin, the United States. The film hits the mark when moving with the life of the little girl Moonee, who fights for survival with her young mother amid the scarcity of resources.

The film The Florida Project is available on HBO Max.

3. Moonlight


When it premiered in theaters, still in 2016, moonlight captured the attention of critics and audiences alike with an emotional story. In the feature, we follow an enchanting journey of self-discovery, featuring the intense criminality of Miami as a backdrop. the film’s protagonist, Mahershala Ali, delighted with an intense performance.

You can watch the movie moonlight on HBO Max.

2. Aftersun


One of the highlights of 2022 and 2023 was the film aftersun, by director Charlotte Wells, who brings a story that seems light, but is actually heavy and ends up touching people with similar experiences. The film is minimalist and succeeds in everything it sets out to do, from showing the relationship between father and daughter and her dissolution.

aftersun is available from MUBI.

1. Everything and Everywhere at the Same Time


Everything Everywhere at the Same Time, the big Oscar winner of 2023, is A24’s most successful. The drama and science fiction film pleased telling an extremely elaborate, captivating and very engaging multiverse story. The film was so successful that it even returned to Brazilian theaters after nominations for the main awards, highlighting the cast that includes Michelle Yeoh, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ke Huy Quan and Stephanie Hsu.

The film Everything Everywhere at the Same Time can be watched on Prime Video.

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