A7 completely blocked after a serious truck accident – ​​police warn onlookers

A serious truck accident happened on the A7 in the south of Hamburg on Wednesday afternoon. This led to traffic jams – also in the opposite direction.

A serious accident happened between two trucks in a traffic jam on the A7 northbound on Wednesday afternoon. Apparently, the driver of an articulated lorry missed the end of the traffic jam, drove into a truck driving ahead and crashed into the central barrier.

The drivers of the two trucks were taken to the hospital with injuries. The autobahn had to be completely closed in the north direction between the Dreieck Südwest and the Heimfeld junction. Traffic is diverted from the A7 at the Marmstorf junction and from the A261 at the Marmstorf-Lürade junction.

According to the police, there are traffic jams not only in the north, but also in the opposite direction – because of onlookers. The officers warned them not to slow down unnecessarily.

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When the full closure can be lifted again is not yet foreseeable in the late afternoon. (mp)

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