Aaron Rodgers ends 18 years in Green Bay to fly with the Jets

Aaron Rodgers has taken additional steps to complete his move from the Green Bay Packers.

The move, which has taken months, will see the pro footballer officially swap his white, gold and dark green jersey for the white, green and spotlight white of the New York Jets. This unexpected move ends the multi-award winning athlete’s 18-year tenure at Green Bay.

Aaron Rodgers’ move to New York should be completed before the end of the week

Although playing with Green Bay earned him a Super Bowl win and four Most Valuable Players [MVP] Awards, Rodgers has decided to move his talent to New York. The trade will get the Jets the 39-year-old athlete, the Packers No. 15 and a fifth-rounder in the National Football League on Thursday [NFL] Draft.

Aaron Rodgers plays Lions vs. Packers in JAN 08

In exchange, the Packers will get the Jets’ 13th overall draft for 2023, their second [No. 42] and sixth [No. 207] All-rounder and a conditional second-round pick in 2024 — which will be a first if Rodgers has 65% of games this season.

Negotiations between the Packers and Jets, which have been on hold for the past few weeks, resumed Monday and things rushed. FoxNews stated the deal would be finalized by the end of this week before the draft begins.

The Packers selected the Bart Starr Award recipient with the 24th pick in the 2005 NFL Draft. Unfortunately, he dropped to last place in the first round as the San Francisco 49ers decided to pick Alex Smith as their first overall pick of the year.

Rodgers was Brett Favre’s protégé for three years before taking on the regular role. He capped his success in Green Bay with his first Super Bowl win in 2010 and received MVP honors the following year.

During his tenure, Rodgers earned ten Pro Bowl selections and four First-Team All-Pro designations. During a four-day darkness retreat last month, the The star’s decision to move to New York followed him as he pondered his retirement – and even a return to the Packers.

The NFL Passer Rating Leader has found love with Mallory Edens

When Rodgers isn’t on the field, he reportedly revives with his new partner, Mallory Edens. The Blast reported Rumors of his dating the model began circulating less than a month after he and his last girlfriend, Blu of Earth – real name Charlotte Brereton – allegedly ended their romance.

Mallory Edens' post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Mallory Edens

As it turns out, the star footballer had his sights set on bigger fish as his new squeeze is the daughter of the Milwaukee Bucks and Aston Villa owner Wes Edens. While their relationship is relatively new to observers, the pair have known each other for years, having spent significant time together at several Bucks games — and getting snapped.

Despite that friendship, Rodgers has avoided delving deeper into her — a decision many have assumed has to do with their 13-year age difference. After the romance was revealed, an insider explained:

“Well, it finally happened. Mallory Edens has had his eye on Aaron Rodgers for a very long time.”

The source went on to claim Mallory “found her ticket” as she “always wanted to be in the public eye.” in her words, “Mallory was at the Packers’ last game and supported her new friend and her favorite team by wearing their gear. Nothing says I’m in the mood for donning your friend’s team gear.”

Before landing Edens, Rodgers was engaged to actress Shailene Woodley, a milestone he announced during his 2020 NFL MVP acceptance speech. The Bug Little Lies star later reaffirmed the status during a February 2021 appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she revealed their love story began a while ago.

As is usual with romantic love, the duo suffered a few hiccups, including an alleged breakup in February 2022. The winner of the 2010 NFL All-Decade Team and Woodley dismissed that notion when the former cast the actress “To Catch a Killer” as referred to his “partner” in an Instagram Post less than a week later.

The good times only lasted for a while when news broke in April 2022 that the couple were calling it quits again. While the quarterback has already moved on — more than once, Shailene has yet to be linked to romantic partners.

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