Activists daub the entrance to the FDP party headquarters

Climate activists from the Last Generation group have smeared the entrance and the entrance area of ​​the FDP federal office in Berlin-Mitte with an oil-like liquid.

On Thursday morning, they poured the liquid from several buckets onto the doors and parts of the facade, as dpa reporters reported. Then they stuck up several posters: “FDP: Professionals in blocking, sticking to the combustion engine”, it said, among other things. Similar actions are said to have taken place in other places in Berlin, for example at the locations of Coca Cola and BASF. The last generation is cooperating with the group Extinction Rebellion, said the reporters.

About a month ago, members of the last generation a liquid similar to oil was tipped onto the Basic Law monument near the Reichstag in Berlin, triggering nationwide criticism and outrage. The monument could be cleaned quickly and was not damaged.

The group had announced further disruptive actions for these days like the one on Thursday morning. Most recently, the Fridays for Future movement had also distanced itself from the actions of the last generation. “The climate crisis needs solutions for society as a whole, and we can only find and fight for them together and not by pitting people against each other in everyday life,” said spokeswoman Annika Rittmann of the German Press Agency.

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