Actress Mia Goth in “Pearl”

Mia Goth in the movie Pearl.
Image: Christopher Moss

Her game already excels in the horror genre. Actress Mia Goth has a face and a voice that will never be forgotten by anyone who has seen her in the cinema. A portrait.

BArmor, buttocks, legs – in a time when cinema was more or less entirely subject to the male gaze, these were the body parts that mattered. Rarely has it been so straightforwardly admitted, but there are enough examples in which directors pay homage to one or the other fetishism. For Russ Meyer, women’s busts couldn’t be big enough, Fellini liked it when an actress had a prominent buttocks, and Quentin Tarantino apparently loves long-legged beauties.

Only then does the face come at some point. That can also be attractive. Eyes can captivate. However, the popularity of sprayed lips indicates that the logic of breasts, buttocks and legs is also making its way into the face, into the proof of our uniqueness.

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