Add these two foods to your diet to get rid of dark circles under your eyes

With any diet, it feels like the first thing you’re told to do is eliminate desserts and treats from your daily intake. However, if you want to see a difference in the dark circles under your eyes, introduce the delicious sweetness of dark chocolate as a recurring lunchtime snack.

Dark chocolate is packed with so many wonderful benefits that it’s hard to list them all, but we’ll do our best. According to the Cleveland Clinic, dark chocolate is high in fiber, which makes your digestive system work like a charm. It’s also a source of flavanols and antioxidants, and these really do work on your under-eye circles. Antioxidants act as a shield against harmful UV rays that can potentially damage your skin and really cause your under-eye circles. Flavanols have anti-aging properties, meaning they disrupt the aging process by reversing cell damage. They also ensure that blood is pumped throughout your body, resulting in healthier and firmer skin. With all these benefits, dark chocolate is good for your eye area all round.

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