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We encounter them every day and we almost always have them in view, but we usually only notice them when something unusual about them appears: building facades. Their owners should pay particular attention to them, because they are elementary for the property and have to withstand a lot: exhaust fumes from busy roads, fine dust, weather influences such as rain or hail, legacies from animals, colonization with moss, fungi or algae or even the sometimes dubious “embellishment” by illegal graffiti. These cause damage in the millions across Germany, and homeowners, companies or municipalities are often left with the costs of cleaning up.

And this is necessary, because all these influences affect the facade, so that the color often suffers as a result. Then it is high time for a cleaning, because it is not only for the optics, but also helps to avoid damage to the substance and thus follow-up costs and to ensure the value of the property.

You can of course carry out such a facade cleaning yourself at an early stage of soiling. It’s inexpensive and flexible in terms of time. However, there are also some serious disadvantages if you lend a hand yourself: sometimes the necessary equipment is not available, there is a risk of injury and damage to the facade, and there is a risk of violating regulations such as those on waste water disposal.

At the latest, at lofty heights or in hard-to-reach places, the layman is usually at the end. If a professional takes care of it, you can be sure that all these risks are minimized or eliminated.

There are a number of methods for cleaning a building facade. And that also speaks for the selection of a professional cleaning company, because they can determine the optimal process for the respective facade. Unwanted graffiti can be removed chemically, for example. However, since this can sometimes be harmful to the environment or the substrate of the facade, abrasive processes are also used, in which the surface and thus the dirt is abraded by irradiation with a wide variety of agents such as lime, glass, walnut shells or dry ice.

High-pressure cleaning with water has also proven its worth when removing graffiti. Lasers are now also being used, which do not damage the surface as they only remove and remove the color pigments from the surface.

All this speaks for the commitment of professionals, because they have access to specific tools and solutions that allow them to adequately and qualitatively clean even the most difficult surfaces. This also includes shot peening and water jetting. Shot peening is one of the environmentally friendly methods, as it does not require the use of chemicals. It is suitable for stubborn dirt on surfaces made of asphalt, concrete or steel. A spherical blasting material made of stainless steel or metal is applied to the surface to be treated at high speed using a blast wheel. This loosens the dirt and is filtered by a vacuum cleaner. It can be used in both new build and renovation projects. Shot blast cleaning is also often used in Stuttgart.

A variable method that enables noise-reduced and dust-free work is water jetting. The water jet cleaning in Stuttgart is also offered by the corresponding specialist companies and convinces with various possible uses.

The variable water pressure of up to 3000 bar, the use of different nozzles and the adjustable water temperature enable perfect adaptation to any surface and any material. Facade dirt can be effectively removed in this way without damaging the masonry underneath. Once unwanted soiling has been removed in this way, a radiant facade with a fresh coat of paint will certainly attract one or two benevolent glances.

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