African Union becomes member of G20, Scottish civil service to trial four-day week, world’s largest rhino farm saved by NGO

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, the African Union is now a permanent member of the G20, Scotland explores a four-day work week for civil servants, and South Africa’s rhinos get a lifeline.

African Union made permanent member of G20

Continent’s leaders welcome the move, which gives the AU the same status as the European Union.

Source: The Guardian

Scotland to pioneer four-day work week for civil servants in UK first

Spearheaded by First Minister Humza Yousaf, the pilot project comes after similar initiatives have shown promise in enhancing staff retention and reducing costs.

Source: The Guardian

NGO rescues South Africa’s largest rhino farm

With support from the South African government and conservation groups, African Parks aims to reintroduce farmed rhinos into the wild over the next decade.

Source: Africanews

Somalia’s free ambulance service navigates chaos and crisis

In the midst of violence and poverty that grips Mogadishu, Aamin Ambulances, a primarily volunteer-driven service, has emerged as a beacon of hope.

Source: The New Humanitarian

Former Essex landfill now powers thousands with solar energy

Once a rubbish dump in Essex, the Ockendon solar farm is now the UK’s third largest, providing enough clean electricity for 15,000 homes.

Source: The Guardian

LA’s innovative cooling solution proves to be effective

In a bid to combat heat island effects, Los Angeles tested solar-reflective coatings in the tree-scarce Pacoima neighborhood. The successful trial led to a significant temperature drop.

Source: Next City

Reviving Philadelphia’s rivers through a mussel-powered solution

Philadelphia’s waterways have long faced a decline in freshwater mussel populations due to industrialisation. Now, the city is partnering with various organisations to reintroduce these natural water purifiers.

Source: The Philadelphia Citizen

New York schools embrace mindful breathing

To support pupils’ mental health, New York City public schools from pre-kindergarten to grade 12 are implementing daily mindful breathing activities.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Shifting Nigeria away from firewood: the drive for sustainable cooking

Upon discovering the alarming health risks faced by Nigerian women using firewood for cooking, an environmental advocate championed a shift towards safer, environmentally friendly cooking methods.

Source: Prime Progress

Closed for maintenance’ concept attracts sustainable tourists

The Faroe Islands, a budding tourist destination, shuts its doors to regular visitors once a year, inviting only a select group of volunteers dedicated to preserving the islands’ beauty and culture.

Source: Positive News

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