After a 10-hour surgery, a giant tumor is removed from a woman’s brain in Ceará

According to the team that performed the surgical procedure, the tumor was the size of an orange and was located in the front part of the patient’s brain.

The team took 10 hours to remove the tumor from the patient's brain

The team took 10 hours to remove the tumor from the patient’s brain

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After a 10-hour surgery, a tumor considered giant was removed from the brain of a patient in Quixeramobim (CE). The procedure was performed by a team of health professionals from Sertão Central Regional Hospital (HRSC), which classified the tumor, measuring nine centimeters, as the largest brain tumor ever registered in the unit.

The swelling was at the front of the patient’s brain, in a region responsible for processing behavior and emotions. Even so, it was a benign tumor, but it was removed due to its size, which was compressing the brain.

Although nine centimeters may seem small, “it is the size of an expansive lesion in a living person, signaling a highly complex situation,” the hospital said.

The entire removal procedure took about 10 hours and involved the participation of a multidisciplinary team of eight health professionals, including neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, surgical technicians and nursing technicians.

After the surgery, which took place in March, the patient was hospitalized for another week under observation. She was discharged after having her condition considerably stable, but she continues to be monitored by the neurosurgical team in the postoperative period.

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