After a break in training: Hürzeler gives an update on Amenyido and Afolayan

The alarm bells have gone silent, the big worries have shrunk. Oladapo Afolayan and Etienne Amenyido are not seriously injured. The coach gave the all-clear.

Both wingers were also absent from the training ground on Friday. Amenyido had to break off the session on Wednesday and hasn’t trained with the team since then, the same applied to Afolayan on Thursday.

Hürzeler on Amenyido: “It’s not that bad for Eti”

“It’s not that bad with Eti,” says Fabian Hürzeler. “If he goes in earlier, it doesn’t mean he’s directly injured. He has a slight heel problem. It has nothing to do with the old injury. He will be back on the training ground next week if everything goes well.”

Afolayan, unlike Amenyido, a regular player, “has nothing bad either,” the coach clarifies. “A small inflammation in the hip flexor.” Injuries or “little ailments” are completely normal in the course of a tough pre-season.

Protection is the order of the day. Cotton instead of competition. A mission against Tel Aviv seems counterproductive. It is planned that both attackers will start training and preparing for Kaiserslautern on Tuesday – although there are no guarantees. Adam Dzwigala, who was also absent on Friday, has muscular problems. Hürzeler: “We’re expecting him back on the training ground soon.”

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