After abdominal surgery: This is how Pope Francis is doing

Pope Francis is on the mend after open abdominal surgery. The head of the Catholic Church survived last night well and continued to rest, said the spokesman for the Holy See, Matteo Bruni, on Friday afternoon.

The 86-year-old Argentinian read the newspapers after breakfast and gradually went back to work. He also spent the morning in an armchair to mobilize. Because of a so-called laparocele, a hernia in the intestine, the pontiff had to be operated on Wednesday in the Roman Gemelli Clinic.

Pope Francis: abdominal surgery under general anesthesia

According to the attending surgeon, he survived the three-hour operation under general anesthesia well and “without complications”. Two days after the operation, the medical team at the hospital reported that Francis’ condition was improving and that the postoperative course was normal, the Holy See said.

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The Vatican had previously announced on Friday that the general health of the pontiff was good. His values ​​are stable. Accordingly, Francis also thanked for the many wishes for recovery and prayers. He also spoke on the phone to a woman whose young son, Miguel Angel, he had baptized at the end of March during a stay at the hospital in north-west Rome. (dpa)

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