After Easter, more Leopard tanks will arrive in Ukraine

In February, Spain announced that it would supply arms to Ukraine. However, the promised main battle tanks had yet to be repaired.

Bundeswehr Leopard tank during an exercise. 

Bundeswehr Leopard tanks during an exercise. David Indian song/imago

Spain will deliver the six promised Leopard tanks to Ukraine after Easter. “These six main battle tanks (…) will be delivered to Ukraine after Easter week,” said Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles in the House of Representatives on Wednesday. The Spanish army is testing the tanks before they are delivered in the week beginning April 10th.

Spain announced the planned delivery in February. The 2A4 tanks were stored at a base in northern Spain and had not been used for several years. That’s why they had to be repaired.

War: More than 50 Ukrainian soldiers trained in Spain

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced during a visit to Kiev on February 23 that Spain could send four more Leopard tanks to Ukraine. “Those four extra tanks need repairs,” Robles said. She did not provide any information on when this further shipment could be sent to Ukraine.

55 Ukrainian soldiers completed four weeks of training in the operation of main battle tanks promised to Ukraine by western allies in Spain this month. Meanwhile, Britain and Germany announced on Monday that promised heavy battle tanks had arrived in Ukraine.

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