AI-generated images of Ramayana characters wow the internet

'Too real': AI-generated images of Ramayana characters wow the internet

Mr. Samuel shared the images on his LinkedIn account.

Artificial intelligence (AI) art has become the new trend on the internet, and users are sharing a flood of artistic illustrations on social media. Sachin Samuel, the founder and creative director of Bootpolish Talkies, has followed the trend and wowed the internet with his Ramayana character sketch. He took these pictures with the help of Midjourney.

Artificial intelligence has improved to such an extent that thanks to various applications and software we can now create any type of image with little to no effort.

Mr. Samuel shared the images on his LinkedIn account. He explained: “I have always been fascinated by Ramayana since I was a child. Ramayana has many heartwarming characters. King Dasaratha, Manthara the maid, Kaikeyi the youngest of King Dasaratha’s consorts, Ram, Sita, Lakshman, Ravana the demon king of Lanka, Maricha, Sugreeva the monkey king and Jambuvan, king of bears, Kumbharkarn, Ravana’s giant brother, Indrajit, Ravana’s son of warrior, Jatayu, the sacred eagle.”

He added: “In the Ramayana, even the villains Vali and Indrajit evoke tears when they die. That’s the beauty of a great epic, where you can love and hate the villains in equal measure. Ramayana is a visual masterpiece that takes you on a journey across India. Series of portrait character sketches created with Ai-Tool Midjourney.”

Meanwhile, artist Jyo John Mulloor shared a series of AI-generated images to show what animals would look like while taking selfies. The images, generated by the Midjourney AI platform, were shared on Instagram on Mr Mulloor’s page.

He captioned the pics: “I recently shared some selfies of my old friends from my past and I’ve received a flood of new selfies from around the world. Some of them are really captivating. Would you like to share which one is your favorite?”

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