AI-generated pizzeria commercial falls somewhere between bizarre and disgusting

Someone Created A Video Ad For A Fictional Pizzeria Using Artificial Intelligence And The Result Is Completely Bizarre

In times of exploration of the potential of generative AI, which increasingly occupy debates in technology, an advertisement made using artificial intelligence shows that there is still a long way to go in terms of improving the tools.

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A Reddit user, who goes by the name PizzaLater, posted an ad created with AI from a fictional pizza parlor called “Pepperoni Hug Spot” — and the result is not appetizing.

Deformed family with lots of cheese

To create the 30-second video, PizzaLater used ChatGPT Plus to write the advertising script and Runway Gen2, an AI tool that generates videos from texts, to produce the clips that make up the piece.

“Definitely wasted three hours of my life today doing this today,” the creator wrote in the Reddit post. In the publication, he says that the material was all produced by artificial intelligence and later assembled in After Effects.

The video features bizarre scenes, especially the characters’ deformed faces with “loose” eyes without direction and crooked mouths. At one point, a woman appears to be eating the dish rather than the pizza, while the narrator says “Eat the Pepperoni Hug Spot pizza! Your tummy says ‘thank you’, and her mouth says ‘hmmm’.”

Definitely wasted 3 hours of my life making this today… Everything is AI from the VO to the video and images. Assembled in After Effects.

by u/PizzaLater in midjourney

PizzaLater told Business Insider that he decided to create this piece after seeing the equally disturbing AI-generated videos of Will Smith eating spaghetti. “The results were pure nightmare,” said the digital artist about the video of the fake pizzeria, who admits to being “kind of impressed, because we’ve never had a tool like this at our disposal, for better or for worse”.

AI on the rise

In recent weeks, cases involving materials created by generative artificial intelligence have drawn public attention and sparked debate. Among the main highlights are the “photo” that won a photo contest and the sensual images created by AI sold on Reddit.

Source: Business Insider

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