AI Wolverine uses GPT-4 to “regenerate” and fixes bugs on the fly

The Wolverine program uses GPT-4 technology to give “regenerative healing power” to scripts in the Python programming language

A developer, who uses the name BioBootloader on the networks, presented a program based on GPT-4 technology capable of automatically identifying and correcting programming errors in Python language. The program was named Wolverine by its creator, in reference to the Marvel character’s healing ability.

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According to BioBootloader, Wolverine gives “regenerative healing power” to Python scripts. The tool analyzes the codes, explains what is wrong and uses GPT-4 to find solutions and edit the scripts.

How the Wolverine Program Works

On Twitter, BioBootloader published a video in which he explains in more detail how the program works. In the demo, the developer uses a simple calculator script and purposely makes some errors in the code, such as misspelling the return value variable and deleting the calculator’s subtraction function entirely.

The Wolverine program is then run to correct the errors in the script. “He runs the code, sees the errors, and then queries GPT-4 to try to figure out how to fix them,” comments the developer in the video.

Even if just one of the bugs causes the calculator not to work, Wolverine fixes all the problems in the code. According to its creator, the program runs repeatedly until everything is resolved.

BioBootloader has made the Wolverine code available on GitHub. Use of the program requires an OpenAI API key for GPT-3.5 or GPT-4, and there are charges for using it. Still according to the developer, the “cure” technique for Python can be applied to other programming languages.

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