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Alabama Boat Fight Video From Different Angle Sheds New Light on Mass Brawl A new video of a riverfront brawl in Alabama better shows how far a teenage boy dubbed “Black Aquaman” swam to help a Black worker being pummeled by a group of white people.

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A video posted on TikTok on Monday, filmed from a different angle, captured the moment the teenager jumped from the riverboat and better shows the distance he had to swim to get to the melee.The clip has amassed more than a million likes on the platform, and more than 5 million views.

The full video of the shocking Alabama boat brawl has gradually been revealed as footage from dozens of witnesses from the riverfront has slowly found its way onto social media.A number of people were arrested and even more arrest warrants issued in connection with the riverfront brawl in Montgomery, Alabama’s capital,

One four-minute video showed the fight began after a crew member of a city-operated riverboat tried to get a pontoon boat moved that was blocking the riverboat from docking.

A shirtless white man shoved and struck the Black man, according to the video captured by a passenger on the riverboat. Things escalated when several more white people joined in, tackling the Black man to the ground and attacking him.

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