Aline cries in pain at the BBB after hearing Fred attack her at the bottom of the sea: “It has weight”

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Aline Wirley was very shaken after hearing Fred Nicácio throw a fit and attack her in her room at Fundo do Mar early on Tuesday (4/4), after the “BBB 23” Game of Discord. She heard the doctor’s screams and wept bitterly in the Desert room, where she was comforted by her allies.

“What he says has weight, because he is a black man that I respect. It makes me question many things. Not because I am a plant, which bothers me the least, but because of the omission. Which I don’t know. Am I not seeing things?”, vented Aline.

“He said ‘I’m very sorry for her’. I’m sorry for what? What I’m doing wrong, I don’t know. We’re very different. We fight for the same causes, but we have different postures”, continued between tears .

“You also have a lot of flags stamped on your skin. You don’t fight less, everyone has a voice”, said Amanda, trying to calm her down. “And when you heard him [na Discórdia], acted perfectly, the Aline that respects, that listens. And I’ve never seen you miss anything. When you needed to talk [chamar atenção] with Brunete, you spoke, with Black, you spoke. You have such a keen eye that even the unspoken things you pick up. You have never been absent here. You’ve always questioned everything and you question yourself in here.”

“I’m tired!”, said Aline screaming and increasing the crying.

Larissa tried to raise the singer’s morale: “You don’t know how very special you are. You are wonderful just for being you. I saw out there how many people want to be your friend for everything you are, because you are a friend , knows how to listen, welcomes…”

“I felt a lot of weight in Fredão’s words”, insisted Aline crying. “I heard him saying ‘I’m very sorry for her’. And I went to talk to him: ‘I don’t need you to be sorry about anything’. And he said it was ugly for me to expose a conversation between us, as I did in Discord. But I brought something that was something I told him. And what I said, I can bring it, I won’t bring anything he told me…”

“And is that what he’s saying is ugly?”, Larissa was astonished. “He repeated ‘how ugly’ about 30 times. And that’s why? He blows things up a lot.”

“And the way he said: ‘Brazil sees you as a plant’…”, continued the teacher.

The singer continued brooding over Fred Nicácio’s lines, until Bruna shook her with impactful words. “Sometimes I think you don’t know who you are. You are one of the greatest women I’ve met in my life, one of the best people. I wish Brazil could see you the way we see you, how you are needed by every person in this house. Even to Fredão himself, because you donated your time to him, because you donate and care about others. You have no idea who you are, but I love you very much”, she added, quite emotional.

The other deserts were in chorus. “You are the greatest gift for us here”, said Larissa.

“I’m tired,” sighed Aline.

To raise her friend up once and for all, Larissa then listed: “Since I arrived [da repescagem], you won an endurance test, became a leader, you weren’t a Monster, you’re talking strategy with us the whole time. Let them talk. There are people who do much less, and do you think he will point it out? And you spoke of him [na Discórdia] no offense one bit, but that’s it.”

Bruna helps contextualize Aline’s pain by stating: “When he says that Aline is silent, it is very problematic, because Aline is a black woman and is living with three white women”.

Aline agreed. But Bruna and Larissa pointed out: “If he knew something [problemática]he would have told you, because that [racismo] is much bigger than the Game of Discord”.

After being convinced by her friends that it was just Fred’s overreaction, Aline managed to calm down and then made everyone laugh by saying, “So now let’s talk about strategy.”

Outside the most watched house in Brazil, Aline is being the victim of racism on social networks, in attacks by members of the group Fundo do Mar fans.

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