Amanda Bynes Moves To Inpatient Care For Mental Health Treatment

Amanda Bynes is still looking out for herself.

Over the years, the world has witnessed the once-blazing actress publicly go through her mental health struggles as she has a history of substance abuse and bipolar disorder. And while it has not always been easy, her dedication to making decisions that help her struggles have become her most significant focus.

In her latest stint, the “She’s the Man” star opted out of the outpatient program that allowed her to receive treatment while living at home and checked into an inpatient facility.

Amanda Bynes Has Checked Herself Into An Inpatient Facility

According to new reports, Bynes checked herself into an intensive inpatient mental health treatment center in Orange County early last month, one week after she checked out of an outpatient treatment facility around Los Angeles.

TMZ sources claim that the actress liked being around a medical team, therapists, and other patients because it allowed her to interact with others instead of alone in her home.

Amanda Bynes arrive on the pink carpet for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach

It also helps that the “What a Girl Wants” star receives a higher level of care at the center since she is getting round-the-clock care in residential treatment. Additionally, the 37-year-old is partaking in daily therapy sessions and activities to help her learn and develop skills she can use after leaving the center.

There is currently no predetermined time frame for the actress’ stay at the new facility, as her stay will depend on when she feels ready to leave and resume independent living. However, it is worth noting that her parents know her location and support her decisions.

Although it would not be the first time Bynes would willingly check into a mental health facility, this time it happened after she called authorities to report she was in distress and felt she could harm herself on Monday, June 17.

Cops responded to the situation with a mental health specialist who assessed the individual’s condition and concluded that she required placement on a psychiatric hold. Following this evaluation, the “Sydney White” on-screen goddess spent a period in a psychiatric facility, after which she transitioned to outpatient care.

The Critics’ Choice Movie Award Recipient Has Abandoned Her Cosmetology & Fashion Passions

Months following her release from the psychiatric hold, a report by The Blast revealed that Bynes was experiencing unease about her living situation. Per the article published in May, the former FIDM student was grappling with emotions of sadness and isolation while residing by herself in her home during her ongoing recovery process.

Before the mental health break, the former entertainer was pursuing a career in cosmetology to become a nail technician. However, it has been reported that she has lost interest since being released from the hospital.

Amanda Bynes Hospitalization: Weighs Under 100 Lbs, Suspected Of Abusing Prescription Drugs

Upon hearing the update and seeing a distasteful headline from a media outlet, many of her unrelenting fans expressed that they were “very sad” and absolutely beside themselves. As one netizen tweeted then:

“I feel so bad for this girl. She’s been used for fame and used for money… but never real loving or caring ppl around her. It’s too bad ppl can’t see fake ppl. I just want to hug her… hugs Amanda.”

“Wow maybe you should leave her alone?” another fan suggested, and a third claimed, “This is such a disgusting title.” A fourth person chimed, “Omg this makes me so sad,” and a fifth exclaimed, “It is sad!”

Sources close to Amanda Bynes eventually provided some helpful insight, stating that she could rediscover her passions for cosmetology and fashion at a later point. At the time, they added that the ex-Nickelodeon star stayed faithful to her treatments while regularly attending her outpatient therapies. 

Amid the former “Amanda Show” star’s tumultuous time, it was revealed that she and her on-again-off-again fiancé, Paul Michael, had split up. As it turned out, they had broken up earlier this year, with those in her close circle optimistic that he would not be re-entering her life.

They asserted that he had not been a supportive presence for her during her recent mental health crisis and hospitalization. Due to this concern, they fear that if he re-entered her inner circle, he could have a potentially toxic influence on her recovery.

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