Amanda Kloots Remakes Lovely Childhood Memory With Mom

Amanda Kloots is making the most of her vacation and the theme is ‘family.’

The past few weeks have been some of the happiest times for the television personality as she and her son Elvis embarked on summer traveling trips together. The mother and son duo took time off to go to Paris, Rome, Mexico — and eventually made a nostalgic gateway to Ohio to see Kloots’ parents. 

So far, the dancer returning to her home state has been a refreshing feeling as she is already beginning to share her childhood summer adventures with her toddler and also remake a lovely holiday memory with her mom. 

Amanda Kloots Makes New Memories In Ohio With Her Mom and Son 

Kloots recently visited Ohio with her son to spend quality time with her parents, and in her words, “there’s nothing like coming to Ohio.” While on the trip, she settled on remaking a newer version of a photo she once took with her mother at an amusement park as a child.  

On Monday, July 31, the “The Talk” co-host took to her Instagram page to share an exciting selfie of her mom and she, from years ago, in contrast to a look-alike present-day photo with her 743,000 followers.

Amanda Kloots Remakes Lovely Childhood Memory With Mom
Instagram | Amanda Kloots

In both updates, Kloots was in the front of the toy cart, holding the steering wheel with one hand and waving with the other, while Mrs. Kloots sat in the back waving too. Elvis joined the mother-daughter duo this time around in the remake. The accompanying caption expressed the TV host’s excitement at sharing her childhood memories with her mom and son. She wrote:

“My mom and I. Then and now. I wish I could freeze time. This trip home has been so special. I’m so thankful for my amazing parents and all the adventures they took us on as little kids, and now getting to do these things with Elvis. What a blessing. ❤️😭🥹.”

Within hours, enthusiastic fans began showering Kloots with admiration in the comments. One wrote, “You are such a fun mom! You’re lucky to have your parents experiencing these times with you and Elvis.” 

Another fan commented, “These photos are wonderful!! So happy for you and your sweet boy 💙.” A fellow reveler of the amusement park wrote, “Taking my kids Wednesday!!! Elvis looks like he’s enjoying it.”

A fourth penned, “Amanda, you have the best family, and you and Elvis are so blessed to be able to spend so much time with them! I can tell that Elvis is really enjoying it all!” 

The 41-year-old actress also took time in May to express her love to her mother on Mother’s Day. She thanked her mom for teaching her the art of motherhood and inspiring her through the arduous journey of raising Elvis alone after the passing of her husband, Nick Cordero, in 2020, from Covid complications.

The “Dancing With the Stars” contestant posted a snaps slide to commemorate the special day. In the first, Maureen sported a white shirt and a brown bucket hat while cradling her swaddled grandson.

Amanda Kloots Twins With Son In THESE Stunning Paris Vacation Photos
Instagram | Amanda Kloots

The second snap, however, featured Kloots and her son seated beside her sweet mom, who wore striking red lipstick and cradled a small dog. The heartfelt message partly read:

“I don’t think you fully understand how much your mom loves you until you become a mom. Thank you for loving me, Mommy, and for teaching me how to be a mother. ❤️.”

‘The Talk’ Co-Host And Son Elvis Took Over Paris In Matching Outfits

Last Month, while vacationing in Paris, ‘the City of Lights,’ the “Fit for Christmas” actress and her son Elvis embraced the opportunity to create lasting memories as they explored. 

The Broadway star shared images on her Instagram page for everybody to admire. The duo twined in the same outfits— they wore white and black striped tops over black pants with matching berets — and struck several happy poses on pillars at the Palais Royal courtyard. 

In one frame, they sat and blew kisses at the camera. The last snap captured a heartwarming moment as they ditched the caps for a picture on a bench. The “Bullets Over Broadway” star wrote in the caption:

“Silliness at Palais Royal! I think it’s so important to document special moments and adventures! You can never have enough photos to look back on that capture happiness, memories, the stories behind the shot.”

After that, she mentioned using a photographer named Katie Donnelly, who was recommended by her sister Anna. Then added: “I grabbed Elvis and I some striped shirts, two berets and voila! The wonderful Magda shot these for us, and we got to view them just hours later! Once I choose my favorite, a print will be on the way to our home in LA!”

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