Amanza Smith Illness and Health Update, Who is Amanza Smith?

Amanza Smith Illness and Health Update

Reality TV star Amanza Smith, known for her role on “Selling Sunset,” recently shared an update on her health journey through her Instagram stories. After being in the hospital for 31 days, she announced her discharge on July 4th, expressing her transition to using a new antibiotic machine for ongoing treatment.

Amanza’s health ordeal began earlier, as she revealed in mid-June that she had been hospitalized due to a blood infection. Initially mistaking her severe lower back pain for a slipped disc, she underwent MRI and CT scans, leading to a diagnosis of osteomyelitis, a bone infection that resulted from a blood infection.

Acknowledging the seriousness of the situation, Amanza appreciated the exceptional care provided by her medical team at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Although initial fears arose due to the infection appearing as a tumor on her MRI, her positivity remained intact. She looked forward to a surgical procedure to remove infected portions of her spine, hoping it would alleviate her pain.

Throughout her hospital stay, Amanza shared glimpses of her experiences, including support from her “Selling Sunset” co-star Mary Fitzgerald and heartwarming FaceTime interactions with her son. Colleagues and friends flooded her posts with encouraging messages, echoing their support for her recovery.

Amanza’s recent health challenges were preceded by a cancer scare she shared on the show. However, she relieved her fans by confirming on Instagram in May that her biopsy results were benign, making her cancer-free. She expressed immense gratitude for her health, emphasizing her newfound happiness.

Amanza Smith’s journey through illness and recovery showcases her resilience and the power of sharing one’s health experiences with a supportive community. Her updates on social media not only provide insight into her personal struggles but also serve as a source of inspiration for others navigating health challenges.

Who is Amanza Smith?

Amanza Smith, born on December 12, 1976, is a versatile American personality known for her roles as a model, actress, interior designer, and real estate agent. She has gained prominence through her association with the renowned Oppenheim Group, a prestigious real estate agency that specializes in selling luxurious properties to affluent and high-profile individuals.

Operating at the intersection of entertainment and high-end real estate, Amanza Smith is a pivotal figure within the Oppenheim Group. This esteemed agency has an impressive track record of catering to the needs of celebrities and wealthy clientele, making it a significant player in the real estate industry. Amanza’s role as an agent in this dynamic environment underscores her proficiency in handling exclusive properties and her capacity to engage with prominent personalities.

Amanza’s presence transcends the world of real estate, as she has also made her mark in the entertainment industry. The Netflix series “Selling Sunset,” which premiered its first season in 2019 and its second season on May 22, 2020, showcases the inner workings of the Oppenheim Group. Created by Adam DiVello, the show offers viewers a captivating glimpse into the lives of these agents as they navigate the intricacies of high-stakes real estate transactions while juggling their personal lives.

The show’s narrative revolves around the Oppenheim Group, a distinguished real estate brokerage firm situated in the opulent locales of Los Angeles. With offices in West Hollywood and Newport Beach, the agency specializes in catering to the demands of elite clients seeking exquisite properties. “Selling Sunset” captures the essence of the agency’s operations and the agents’ interactions with their discerning clients, offering an intriguing blend of luxury, drama, and the complexities of the real estate market.

Amanza Smith’s multifaceted involvement in both the entertainment and real estate realms showcases her adaptability and prowess across diverse domains. As an actress, model, interior designer, and real estate professional, she exemplifies the fusion of talent and business acumen. Her association with the Oppenheim Group and her appearances on “Selling Sunset” contribute to her reputation as a notable personality with a deep connection to the world of luxury real estate and entertainment.

Real Name

Amanza Smith

In Limelight

Selling Sunset (2022)


Real Estate Agent



45 Years Old

Birth Date

December 12, 1976

Birth Place

Vincennes, Indiana, America

Lives in

West Hollywood, California


Amanza Smith Height

Amanza Smith, a prominent model and multifaceted personality, stands as a testament to the dedication required to maintain one’s fitness and overall well-being. Despite being a mother of two, her remarkably sculpted figure defies expectations and attests to her commitment. In her leisure moments, Amanza embraces gymnastics, a choice that undoubtedly contributes to her enviable physique.

However, her dedication to a healthy lifestyle extends beyond just physical activity. Admired for her striking beauty, Amanza’s distinct feature—charming cheek dimples—adds to her allure. Notably, her height serves as a defining attribute, towering at an impressive 5 feet 10 inches (177.8 cm). Surprisingly, she maintains a body weight of just 127.8 lbs.

Amanza Smith’s pursuit of well-rounded health and aesthetic appeal resonates through her disciplined engagement in gymnastics, her unique facial features, and her remarkable height. Her story is a testament to the synergy between determination and vitality, offering inspiration to those seeking to balance their diverse roles while prioritizing their own well-being.

Amanza Smith Ex-Husband

Amanza Smith’s romantic journey has seen its share of complexities and changes. The reality star, recognized for her appearances on “Selling Sunset,” was previously married to NFL player Ralph Brown in 2010. The union brought forth a daughter and a son, a testament to their shared life. Tragically, their marriage came to an end a few years later, leading to a divorce that resulted in joint custody of their children.

However, the story took a concerning turn in 2019 when Ralph Brown seemingly disappeared, leaving Amanza and others puzzled about his whereabouts. It was during this period that Amanza revealed the financial strain she faced, as Brown had ceased to provide child support since 2015.

Correspondence from Brown shed light on his financial struggles, indicating his inability to contribute financially to their children’s upbringing. Additionally, he expressed reservations about his children’s safety in his presence, raising further questions about his situation.

Despite the challenges, Amanza’s life took a new romantic turn. In May 2022, reports emerged that she was in a relationship with a mysterious partner. Both Amanza and her boyfriend had decided to keep their relationship under wraps, a decision they mutually agreed upon. This undisclosed love affair had been brewing since 2020 and was known only to a select few within Amanza’s inner circle.

Amanza Smith’s romantic narrative is one of twists and turns, from her past marriage and its subsequent challenges to her mysterious relationship that she has chosen to keep private. Through these experiences, she remains a resilient figure, navigating her personal life amid public attention.

Amanza Smith Net Worth

Amanza Smith, renowned for her presence on “Selling Sunset,” has impressively transitioned from home interior design to a thriving real estate career at the prestigious Oppenheim Group. This shift was undoubtedly an upgrade in her professional journey, leading her to establish an estimated net worth of $1 million.

A pivotal member of the Oppenheim Group, Amanza’s financial success reflects her dedication and adeptness in the real estate industry. Her net worth underscores the value of her expertise and determination in both real estate and the entertainment realm.

Her journey from interior design to real estate has propelled her financial standing, demonstrating her capacity to seize opportunities and excel in diverse professional arenas. As a testament to her achievements, Amanza’s net worth of $1 million places her among accomplished figures in the industry.

With her trajectory set for further growth, Amanza Smith’s notable net worth exemplifies her commitment to excellence and her ability to flourish in multifaceted roles. Her accomplishments serve as inspiration for those aspiring to achieve success across various domains, demonstrating that skill, adaptability, and hard work can lead to substantial financial achievements.

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