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The reality is that Peggy, through both her own fault and the fault of others, is caught up in far too many storylines. She wants to get a big salary as a private investigator, which she gets from Guru Bob if she can get him to confess that his pictures are fake. One of the problems with this is that a man and his adult daughter are already after Bob, and the daughter loves to stab things with a knife.

Then there are the people at the massage parlor who are offering a $70,000 reward to find her sister, who happens to be married to Guru Bob. Guru Bob claims his wife has disappeared, but Peggy isn’t convinced. After all, she loved her parrot and didn’t take him with her. That’s a big warning sign in Peggy’s eyes. And to make things even more confusing, Peggy lies when she goes to the massage parlor, which only complicates things.

Those are the main storylines, but there are others. Given the way the series goes up and down, the show actually manages to keep this as manageable as possible. The problem is that it’s easy to get lost in all this madness. The plot starts out a bit hectic, but you still manage to get over it, but after a certain number of story arcs it just becomes too much.

Whether you’re confused by Peggy’s lies to the men at the massage parlor or the reasons why the man and his daughter are suddenly after Peggy and not Guru Bob, the plot will throw you off balance, and sooner or later you’ll be thrown by it These threads will definitely lose you. At the end of the day, the series just gets too busy and doesn’t always make the greatest sense, and it ends up failing to show off its fantastic story to the fullest.

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