Amazon reveals trailer for the first soap opera in partnership with SBT

Photo: Publicity/SBT/Poppoca Moderna

Amazon Prime Video released the first trailer for the telenovela “A Infância de Romeo e Julieta”, its first partnership with SBT. The preview shows images of Romeu Monteiro and Julieta Campos while the protagonist explains that, despite having a lot in common with the boy, their families hate each other – and, apparently, without explanation.

The children’s soap opera that replaces “Poliana Moça” on SBT’s schedule is a retelling of William Shakespeare’s iconic couple, adapted for Brazil today. The plot takes place in the Castanheiras neighborhood, where the Campos and Monteiro families have been fighting for generations. Hiding from people they know, Romeu Monteiro and Julieta Campos come up with a plan to end the enmity between their friends and families.

The cast includes Vittória Seixas (“O Sétimo Guardião”) as Julieta and Miguel Ângelo (“Beard, Hair and Mustache”) as Romeu, André Matos (“Tropa de Elite 2”) as Fausto, Fábio Ventura (“Rio Connected”) as Bernardo Monteiro – Romeu’s father-, Bianca Rinaldi (“Malhação”) as Vera Monteiro – Romeu’s mother – Lú Grimaldi (“Nos Tempos do Imperador”) as Clara Campos – Julieta’s grandmother – and Luiz Guilherme (“Família Paraíso” ) as Hélio – Juliet’s grandfather.

The production will have its first five episodes released on May 8 on the streaming service, the same date as the premiere on SBT, at 8:45 pm. The channel will show the other four chapters daily in its programming on open TV. From then on, the following episodes will be released weekly on Fridays on Prime Video from May 12th, repeating the process on SBT.

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