Anaheim faces lawsuit over flying golf balls

Residents of a mobile home park in Anaheim, Calif., are suing to get the city to do something about the errant golf balls pelting their homes. (Screenshot from KTLA)

Residents of a mobile home park in California worried for their own safety have filed a lawsuit after they say errant golf balls from a neighboring golf course have been hitting homes, destroying property and narrowly missing people.

Residents of the Casa Hermosa Mobile Home Park appeared teed off in a lawsuit in Orange County, Calif., alleging nuisance to real property and negligence. It names the city of Anaheim and the company that owns the Dad Miller Golf Course.

Resident Van Glagola noticed an increase in errant golf balls from the course starting back in May 2021.

“I currently find 6-8 golf balls on my property per month,” Glagola said in a sworn declaration attached with the complaint. “On September 8, 2022, a golf ball hit my storage shed while I was in the kitchen with a friend.”

The golf balls are not just rolling onto the property, Glagola said.

“The errant golf balls arrive with force, are dangerous, and have a potential to cause grave bodily injury, as well as property damage,” the complaint said.

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