Andrew Flintoff Car Crash and Facial Injuries: What Happened to Andrew Flintoff? What Injuries did Andrew Flintoff Sustain?

Who is Andrew Flintoff?

Andrew Flintoff is a prominent English television and radio presenter, as well as a former international cricketer. Flintoff was a versatile cricketer, excelling as a fast bowler, middle-order batsman, and slip fielder, making him one of the sport’s leading all-rounders. He consistently ranked among the top international all-rounders in both One Day Internationals (ODIs) and Test cricket, according to the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Throughout his cricket career, which began with his debut in 1998, Flintoff played a crucial role for the England cricket team. He achieved recognition as England’s “Man of the Series” during the iconic 2005 Ashes series. He also had the honor of serving as both captain and vice-captain of the team. Flintoff retired from Test cricket following the 2009 Ashes series and subsequently retired from other forms of the game in 2010.

In addition to his cricketing career, Flintoff ventured into professional boxing, winning a fight in Manchester against American Richard Dawson in 2012. He briefly came out of retirement to play Twenty20 cricket for Lancashire in 2014 and joined the Brisbane Heat for the Australian Big Bash League’s 2014–15 season.

Following his retirement from cricket, Flintoff engaged in various endeavors, including designing his own fashion range and becoming a brand ambassador for Jacamo. He also emerged as the winner of the first series of the Australian version of “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” and became a part of Sky One’s sports-based comedy panel show, “A League of Their Own.” In 2019, Flintoff assumed the role of presenter for the BBC One show “Top Gear.” Overall, Andrew Flintoff is a multi-talented individual with a diverse and successful career both within and beyond the world of cricket.



Full Name

Andrew Flintoff




Television and Radio Presenter, Former International Cricketer

Date of Birth

6 December 1977

Place of Birth

Preston, Lancashire, England




Colin Flintoff (Father), Susan Flintoff (Mother)


Chris Flintoff


Rachael Wools



Andrew Flintoff Car Crash and Facial Injuries

Andrew Flintoff, the former England cricketer and beloved sports personality, made his first public appearance since a harrowing car crash at the Top Gear test track last year. The incident had left him with visible scars on his face and necessitated medical attention, including treatment for facial injuries and broken ribs. The accident took place in December on the BBC program’s track at Dunsfold Park aerodrome in Surrey, where Flintoff was driving an open-topped three-wheel Morgan Super 3 car at high speed.

The crash led to Flintoff being airlifted to the hospital, and it had significant consequences not only for his well-being but also for the future of the Top Gear show. In March, the BBC announced that they would not continue filming the 34th series of Top Gear due to the accident. A health and safety review of the motoring show was deemed necessary, and the broadcaster expressed its apologies to Flintoff. The incident also impacted the production team of the long-running show, which had been on the air for 21 years.

This was not the first high-speed incident Flintoff experienced while filming Top Gear. In 2019, he crashed at 125 mph while traveling in a three-wheeled cycle car but miraculously walked away from the scene unharmed. The world of Top Gear has seen its share of accidents, notably when former co-presenter Richard Hammond suffered severe head injuries and spent two weeks in a coma after a crash during filming at the former RAF Elvington airbase near York in 2006. Hammond eventually recovered and returned to the show in 2007.

In his recent appearance at the England vs. New Zealand one-day international match in Cardiff, Andrew Flintoff was seen with visible scars on his face and tape on his nose, a testament to the challenges he faced during his recovery. Despite the physical and emotional toll of the accident, he appeared in high spirits as he led fielding drills with the England players at the Sophia Gardens ground and supported the team from the England balcony during the match. His presence was appreciated by England captain Jos Buttler, who referred to Flintoff as an “England legend” and welcomed his involvement with the squad for the series.

Andrew Flintoff’s career has been marked by his contributions to English cricket, including playing a pivotal role in Ashes triumphs in 2005 and 2009, and serving as captain from 2006 to 2007. His resilience and determination, both on and off the cricket pitch, are evident as he continues to engage with the world of sports and entertainment, even in the face of adversity and the challenges posed by the car crash incident.


Andrew Flintoff Parents and Siblings 

Andrew Flintoff was born to parents Colin Flintoff and Susan Flintoff. He also had a brother named Chris Flintoff. During his early years, Andrew attended Greenlands Community Primary School and later Ribbleton Hall High School, which was renamed City of Preston High School. It was during these school days that he acquired the nickname “Freddie.” This nickname was inspired by his surname, Flintoff, which bore a resemblance to the famous cartoon character Fred Flintstone.

]Despite his eventual cricketing success, Andrew Flintoff demonstrated academic excellence during his time at the City of Preston High School. He successfully passed nine General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) exams. However, his love for cricket was immense, leading him to make a significant decision. At the age of 16, he chose to leave formal education to pursue a career in cricket.

Cricket was a significant part of Flintoff’s life from a young age. He represented Lancashire Schools in both the under-11s and under-15s cricket teams, showcasing his talent and passion for the sport. Apart from cricket, he was also an enthusiastic chess player. Flintoff’s cricketing journey continued to flourish as he joined the England under-19 cricket team, where he played for two and a half years. This early experience in international cricket laid the foundation for his future achievements as a prominent all-rounder on the senior national team.

Andrew Flintoff Early Life

Andrew Flintoff’s early life began with his schooling at Greenlands Community Primary School, followed by Ribbleton Hall High School, later renamed the City of Preston High School. During his school days, he earned the nickname “Freddie” because his surname, Flintoff, sounded similar to the famous cartoon character Fred Flintstone.

Despite his cricketing prowess, Flintoff excelled academically during his time at the City of Preston High School. He successfully passed nine General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) exams. However, his passion for cricket was undeniable, and he decided to leave school at the age of 16 to pursue a career in the sport.

Cricket played a significant role in Andrew’s life from a young age. He represented Lancashire Schools under-11s and under-15s teams, showcasing his talent and dedication to the game. Beyond cricket, he also had a keen interest in chess. Flintoff’s cricketing journey took a significant step when he joined the England under-19 cricket team, where he played for two and a half years.

This early experience in international cricket paved the way for his future success as a prominent all-rounder on the senior national team. Andrew Flintoff’s early life was marked by academic achievement, a love for cricket that began in his school days, and his decision to prioritize his cricketing aspirations over formal education. This decision set the stage for his remarkable career in international cricket.

Andrew Flintoff Wife

Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff is married to Rachael Wools Flintoff, a former model and entrepreneur. Rachael Wools Flintoff was an enterprising individual from a young age. At just 19 years old, she successfully ran an events company called Strawberry Promotions. Rachael crossed paths with Freddie Flintoff in 2002 at the Edgbaston cricket ground in Birmingham. Their meeting took place during an event to promote her business.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Rachael was signed to the prestigious Storm Models agency. Her modeling work led to her pictures being featured in various magazines. Rachael and Freddie tied the knot on March 5, 2005, at the Pavilion Road Hotel in Knightsbridge, London. Their marriage has been a significant part of both their lives.

The couple resides in a £2.5 million home located in Altrincham, Greater Manchester. In 2015, Rachael made a television appearance alongside Freddie when he won the Australian version of “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.” During this time, Freddie openly discussed his battle with depression and how Rachael supported him through it.

Rachael Wools Flintoff has played a vital role in Andrew Flintoff’s life, providing support both personally and professionally. Her entrepreneurial spirit and modeling career, along with their enduring marriage, have contributed to the couple’s public image and personal journey.

Andrew Flintoff Children

Andrew Flintoff and his wife, Rachael Wools Flintoff, are the parents of four children. Their eldest child, Holly, is 17 years old, followed by Corey, who is currently 16 years old. Their third child, Rocky, is 13 years old, and the youngest member of the family is Preston, who is just two years old.

 The couple’s decision to have a fourth child, Preston, may have come as a surprise. Andrew had previously mentioned that he didn’t anticipate having more children after Rocky. In a 2016 interview, he expressed that while he initially wanted five children, the challenges of parenting, particularly the early stages, led them to reconsider.

Andrew Flintoff’s strong bond with his family is evident through his actions. He has a tattoo on his left shoulder that bears the names of his wife and children, showcasing his deep love and commitment to his family.

Recently, Andrew Flintoff’s son, Corey, spoke about his father’s experience during a high-speed crash while filming Top Gear. Corey emphasized how fortunate his father was to survive the terrifying incident. This incident underscores the Flintoff family’s closeness and support for one another during challenging times.

Andrew Flintoff Achievements

Throughout his illustrious cricketing career, Andrew Flintoff achieved several remarkable milestones and records. Here are some of his notable achievements:

Wicket-Taking Prowess

  • Flintoff ranks as the third highest English wicket-taker in one-day international cricket, boasting an impressive total of 168 wickets.
  • In Test cricket, he is the 13th highest wicket-taker for England, having claimed 219 wickets.
  • These wicket-taking figures include his contributions while playing for the ICC World XI.

One-Day International Runs

  • Flintoff is the ninth highest English run-scorer in one-day internationals, accumulating a total of 2,975 runs in this format.

NBC Denis Compton Award

  • In recognition of his outstanding performances, Flintoff was honored with Lancashire’s NBC Denis Compton Award in 1997, a prestigious accolade in county cricket.

Six-Hitting Record

  • Andrew Flintoff holds the third position in the list of most sixes scored for England in Test cricket.
  • He surpassed the previous record held by Ian Botham, hitting his 68th six with a memorable shot off India’s Piyush Chawla in Mohali on March 11, 2006.

Batted on All Five Days of a Test Match

  • Flintoff achieved a unique feat by becoming only the seventh player in cricket history to have batted on all five days of a Test match.
  • This remarkable accomplishment occurred during a Test match at Mohali, India, and coincided with his record-breaking six-hitting achievement.

Honours Boards at Lord’s

  • Andrew Flintoff earned a place of distinction by being one of only ten players to appear on both the batting and bowling honours boards at the historic Lord’s Cricket Ground.

These achievements underscore Andrew Flintoff’s exceptional contributions to English cricket and his status as one of the sport’s legendary all-rounders. His remarkable records and feats will forever be celebrated in the annals of cricket history.

Andrew Flintoff Net Worth

Andrew Flintoff’s net worth is $20 million dollars. Flintoff played professional cricket for England and various domestic teams, earning match fees, contracts, and bonuses. He was a prominent all-rounder and a key player for the England cricket team. Following his retirement from cricket, Flintoff transitioned into a successful media and broadcasting career. He worked as a television and radio presenter, appearing on various shows and events, which contributed significantly to his income.

Like many high-profile athletes, Flintoff secured endorsement deals and sponsorships from brands. These partnerships provided additional income and exposure. Flintoff briefly ventured into professional boxing, which included a fight in 2012. While this was a one-time event, it likely generated income through ticket sales, pay-per-view, and related activities.

Flintoff explored various business ventures, including launching his own fashion range and working as the face of brands like Jacamo. These entrepreneurial endeavors added to his income. His participation in television shows such as “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” and “A League of Their Own” also contributed to his earnings.

What Happened to Andrew Flintoff?

Andrew Flintoff, the former England cricket captain, made his first public appearance since a Top Gear test track accident. He sustained facial injuries and broken ribs when his open-topped car flipped at high speed in December. The incident occurred at the BBC program’s track in Surrey. The BBC canceled the 34th series of Top Gear and initiated a health and safety review. Flintoff had a previous high-speed crash in 2019 but walked away unharmed. Despite his visible scars, Flintoff led fielding drills with the England cricket team in Cardiff, where they faced New Zealand, and was warmly welcomed by the squad.

What Injuries did Andrew Flintoff Sustain?

Andrew Flintoff sustained facial injuries and broken ribs in the accident at the Top Gear test track. His injuries were a result of his open-topped three-wheel Morgan Super 3 car flipping and sliding along the track at high speed in December. As a result, he had visible scars on his face and required medical attention, including treatment for these facial injuries. This incident led to his hospitalization and subsequent recovery, marking his first public appearance with these visible scars and tape on his nose.

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