Anitta reveals skincare routine in a ‘sincere’ way and delivers a product made with her own blood

Anitta informed the products she uses to take care of her skin and made sure not to mislead her fans by warning that they are manipulated products. Check out!

Anitta released her skin care routine to her fans this Tuesday (06).

Anitta released her skin care routine to her fans this Tuesday (06).

Photo: Playback, Instagram / Purepeople

Anitta released her skincare routine to fans this Tuesday (06). The content is part of the transition that the singer has been making on Instagram in her new international career strategy. From now on, she will use the @qgdaanitta profile to communicate with Brazilian fans, leaving the main profile for foreign admirers.

Anitta says she decided to share her skincare routine after a Google search and chose to do it with his already known scrappy way. “I Googled things that are trending to find out what you want to see me do here so much and I discovered that now the fashion is to do skincare in stories. It consists of people picking up several products, washing their face and pretending that is what they are doing making your skin look amazing. So I’m going to do it too”, mocked.

The singer started by washing her face with soap. Anita’s favorite? “Anyone, love. My skin is oily. Any soap I get at the pharmacy and it says ‘anti acne’ or ‘anti oiliness’, that’s what I’m going to take and it won’t make the slightest difference. All give the same result. That’s not what will save our skin’s life,” he joked.

Right away, Anitta applies a product to fight pimples, made especially for her, on her face. “I was full of pimples and they took me to a doctor in São Paulo who makes a manipulated tonic. That ended my pimples”, he said.


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