Annie Potts watched 3 minutes of the pilot and knew it was a perfect fit

What’s easy to forget is that Annie Potts is actually the second actress to play the role of Meemaw. TV viewers first met the character was on The Big Bang Theory in a Season 9 episode aptly titled The Meemaw Materialization. June Squibb portrayed Meemaw for the first and only time in this episode, set decades after the events of “Young Sheldon,” and she did a great job. At the same time, it couldn’t be clearer that Potts’ take is by far the favorite among fans of both shows.

“MeeMaw on YS has her cheeky moments, but she’s never exactly mean like her previous version. She’s funnier and shakier. Obviously Annie Potts does a lot of the heavy lifting, but even the script is better,” wrote Redditor u/Nerdy_Yet_Cool1997 in a thread they started declaring Potts’ version their favorite Meemaw. Numerous fans flocked to the comments section to agree that their take is the definitive one of the two. They attribute this to Potts’ performances, the quality of the writing, and the time “Young Sheldon” gives her and her connection with her grandchildren.

Annie Potts has had an incredible career over the past few decades that is far from over. There is still a lot more of Meemaw’s story to tell in Young Sheldon, and obviously many can’t wait to see it.

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