Announced murder should increase chances of regulating networks

The announcement by the 13-year-old teenager, on a social network, that he would attack a school in São Paulo should stimulate the regulation of social networks in Brazil, in the opinion of the columnist for the UOL Jose Roberto de Toledo. A teacher was killed and five other people were injured.

If the announced murder does not increase the chances of social media regulation, at the very least it should.”
Jose Roberto of Toledo

For Toledo, even the algorithms of social networks end up helping to make extreme cases happen, since they create “bubbles” of people with the same type of thinking.

“This case of this teenager who announced what he was going to do and was encouraged is a typical post-social media phenomenon because he [o adolescente] it manages not only to create an audience and a group of people who have these same radical tendencies, but the algorithms end up creating new radicals because everything that generates engagement is favored by the algorithm. (…) the more radical and exaggerated you are, the more you will benefit from the algorithms”, he said in the News Analysis.

External regulation. The columnist of UOL he also stated that the argument of self-regulation of social networks is not enough, as radical and extremist people are being created and proliferated by the networks themselves. He even cited the example of Twitter that was bought by Elon Musk with a speech of “being able to do everything”. “It needs external regulation, you can’t count on the goodwill of whoever owns a platform to regulate itself. You have to have external regulation,” he said.

STF needs to intervene. The STF (Federal Supreme Court) held a public session today (28) to hear arguments for and against the regulation of social networks. For Toledo, the decision should come from the STF, since Congress should not make a decision on the subject. “The Supreme Court ministers were very clear in saying that it is no longer possible and that it has to be regulated. There has to be some kind of external regulation and this will be subject to judgment by the Supreme Court. If Congress does not legislate, the Supreme Court will legislate”.

Fines and financial restrictions. Toledo also stated that while the companies responsible for social networks have not suffered economic sanctions, the scenario should not change. “As long as these companies do not have some kind of economic stimulus, that is to say restrictions, fines and bans for what they do, they will continue to do this and dry ice trying to remove a tiny portion of the air after the damage has already been done”, he concluded. .

It will not be the regulation that will put an end to the problem, the regulation will only create the conditions of punishment to slightly reduce the stimulus that exists today to make the situation worse.”
Jose Roberto de Toledo


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