Anti-corruption campaigner wins in Guatemala, 98% drop in plastic bags in UK, India’s solar village

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we take a look at the anti-corruption fighter who has won the presidential election in Guatemala, the inspiring decrease in single-use plastic bag usage in the UK, and how solar power has improved lives in a village in India.

Anti-corruption campaigner wins Guatemala presidential election

Bernado Arévalo’s victory comes after years of Guatemalan leadership accused of corruption and authoritarianism, and amid growing concerns over state of democracy in Central America.

Source: The Guardian

Supermarket plastic bag charge has led to 98% drop in use in England

Single-use supermarket bag sales have gone down by 98% since retailers started charging for them. Despite the success of the measure, ministers have been criticised for delaying implementation of others.

Source: The Guardian

The village in India where solar power provides income

In Modhera, state of Gujarat, a government-funded programme fitted solar power systems on over 1500 households. The systems not only provide savings, but also extra income which many families invest into funding a better diet or their artisanal businesses.

Source: Unbias The News

Mexico announces 13 new protected areas, with more to come

Mexico introduced six new national parks and seven flora and fauna protection areas covering 17,918 hectares (44,276 acres) to be overseen by the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas.

Source: Mongabay

Number of green sea turtle nests breaks records in Texas

43 green sea turtle nests have been sighted on the beaches of Texas this year, a record-breaking number for the endangered species. The previous record was 27 in 2020.

Source: Houston Chronicle

Scientists invent plant-based filter for microplastics in water

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have developed a filter mostly made of wood residues to remove microplastic particles from water. The device captures more than 95% of different kinds of microplastics.

Source: New Atlas

Biden protects native land near Grand Canyon from uranium mining

The US President has declared the Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni Grand Canyon, which is home to several Native tribes, a monument, protecting it from uranium mining.

Source: The Guardian

Summer camp for young climate activists

The Sunrise Movement gathered 150 high schoolers from across the US to teach them the skills to implement a “green new deal for schools” that includes creating pathways to green jobs and lower-emission school buildings.

Source: Hechinger Report

‘This way of farming is really sexy’: the rise of regenerative agriculture

Hollie Fallick and Francesca Cooper in the Isle of Wight are part of a movement to bring tired and depleted soil back to life and boost food security. They practice regenerative farming and promote their message on social media.

Source: The Guardian

‘We turn waste into something golden’: the creatives transforming rags to riches

Rich nations’ unwanted clothes often end up in landfills, polluting the global south. But entrepreneurs in Ghana, Pakistan and Chile are turning rubbish into rugs, shoes and toys.

Source: The Guardian

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