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State Gallery: Anti-Fashion Exhibition Cindy Sherman – Stuttgart Journal

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State Gallery in Stuttgart

From 21.04. to September 10, 2023 Works from the 1970s to the present can be viewed

The American artist Cindy Sherman plays with stereotypes and ideals of beauty.

By Alexander Kappen

Stuttgart center. The exhibition starts in a few days. American artist Sherman has collaborated with well-known designers, fashion brands and fashion magazines around the world.

Now she is fed up with aesthetics, ideals of beauty and models. In her exhibition in the Staatsgalerie she works together with Galerie Hauser & Wirth. Sherman has an art studio in New York.

The exhibition shows the interplay between fashion and art. Her “Cover Girls” series, for example, shows her herself on the covers of fashion magazines.

However, totally disguised and just ugly modified. That’s why her exhibition is also called “Anti-Fashion”. Because what is beautiful and what is not? That is only in the eye of the beholder and is highly subjective…

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